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SEVENTEEN aims at no.1 trophies

SEVENTEEN made a comeback with its new album "Al1" on May 22, and it seems like the boy group's comeback is very successful so far. The title track of the group's new album "Don't wanna cry" ranked high on various music charts, while the album topped album sales charts too. Even though it has been just 3 days since it was released, the album sold over 80,000 copies, which have increased by 20,000 copies compared to SEVENTEEN's previous album.

SEVENTEEN's popularity race in the k-pop world is very meaningful in many aspects. First, SEVENTEEN made a very successful comeback even though its new album was a new challenge for the group. You know, unlike the group's cheerful and energetic previous songs, "Don't wanna cry" is a song about young boy's sadness. Second, SEVENTEEN is becoming increasingly popular in the k-pop world. The fact that the group is doing great on album sales charts means they have a lot of loyal fans. Third, SEVENTEEN has gained competitive advantage over iKON. Sorry for fans of iKON, but SEVENTEEN's new song ranked higher than iKON's new songs "BLING BLING" and "B-Day" even though the two groups released their new albums on the same day. It means a lot to an idol group of a small agency that the group beat an idol group of a big agency.

So, SEVENTEEN is now aiming at no.1 trophies of various music chart shows, and there is a good chance that the group will win many trophies because, yeah, they're doing good both on online music charts and album sales charts. And of course, the group has many loyal fans who will vote for them.

Congratulations on SEVENTEEN's successful comeback, and I expect that the group will continue to grow up and become the representative k-pop boy group.

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