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Who has the Biggest Foot among Kpop Girl Group Members?

As you know, Kpop girl group members look so innocent and cute. We usually describe them as 'fairy'. Then, how about their feet? It seems that they have tiny lovely feet. Well, what do you think? Let's see the shoe sizes of Kpop female idols.

Sooyoung has the biggest feet among Girls' Generation's members.

Girls' Generation: Soo Young(Big foot) / Sunny, Jessica, Hyo Yeon(Small foot)

Soo Young has the biggest feet among Girls' Generation(SNSD) members. It is 245mm. Is there anybody who are diapponted because Soo Young has too big feet? Actually, she is the tallest member too. She is 170cm tall. Let's make a comparison between Soo Young and Tae Yeon. Tae Yeon's shoe size is 240mm and she is 162cm tall. Yoona, Seo Hyun and Yuri's shoe sizes are also 240mm.

Three other members have the smallest feet among SNSD's members. Sunny, Jessica and Hyo Yeon's shoe sizes are all the same as 225mm to 230mm. Does it fit your expectation?

Soyou and Dasom have bigger feet than the other SISTAR members.

SISTAR: Dasom, Soyou(Big foot) / Hyolyn(Small foot)

Dasom and Soyou have the biggest feet among Sistar's members. Their shoe sizes are the same as Soo Young's. it's 245mm. Dasom is 167cm tall and Soyou is 168cm tall. Bora's shoe size is 235mm and Hyolin's is 230mm. Hyolin is 164cm tall. Do you think Dasom and Soyou's shoe sizes are too big for their height? Well, they are still sexy and cute!

Who do you think have the biggest feet among Secret's 4 members? It's Hyosung!

Secret: Jeon Hyo Sung(Big foot) / Song Ji Eun(Small foot)

The shoe sizes of Secret's members are small in relation to the other girl groups. The biggest shoe size among Secret's members is Jeon Hyo Sung's 240mm. It is smaller than Soo Young's and Dasom's. Han Sun Hwa and Jung Hana's shoe sizes are 235mm, while Song Ji Eun's is 230mm.

Miss A Suzy's foot size is 250mm, which is the biggest among Kpop female idols.

Who has the Biggest Feet?

We just saw shoe sizes of girl group members. Then Who has the biggest feet among them? Can you imagine who she is? It's Suzy of Miss A. Her shoe size is 250mm.

"I was given a nicjname 'Big Feet' because of what Boom(Korean comedian) had told me on a TV program. He said my shoe size is 285mm. But it's not true," Suzy said.

No matter her shoe size, Suzy is loved by many people. She is a hotshot Kpop star!


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