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Secret about kpop idol stars' microphones

Have you ever been curious about k-pop idols' microphones? Unless you are a professional, it’s difficult to know the details about the microphones. However, there’s a very simple way to make a guess at what kind of microphone your favorite idol star uses. Well, the way is to classify the microphones by their colors. Colors of microphones do not always mean everything, but like I said, you can at least make a guess at what kind of microphones those are.

Flesh-Colored Microphone
You might see the flesh-colored microphones frequently in various k-pop chart shows. Those are the basic microphones offered by the broadcasting company. People in the k-pop world usually call it "Band-Aid." The microphone is cheap, and it doesn't perform well. However, it doesn't matter because not a few incompetent idols depend on their AR and just pretend to sing live.

Black Microphone
The black microphone is not offered by the broadcasting company. If an idol group's agency has aspirations for a better sound quality, the agency provides its singers with the black microphone. The black microphone gives higher performance than flesh-colored one.

Big Black Microphone
You sometimes might see the black microphones with big round balls in k-pop chart shows. The big black microphones are more expensive than flesh-colored microphones or ordinary black microphones, while they deliver high performance. K-pop idols who have great singing ability usually use this kind of microphone.

"By the way, it is interesting that using microphone of higher quality is not always advantageous to k-pop idols. If an idol is a very competent singer just like SHINee and BEAST, of course, using high quality microphone is good for him because the microphone will completely deliver his beautiful voice. However, what if he is not a good singer? He'd better use a microphone of lower quality. If he uses a high quality microphone, all the tuneless sounds made by him will be detected by the microphone."

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