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[G-Dragon's Life, Work and People] GD's Profile & Fun Facts

  1. Stage Name: G-Dragon (GD)
  2. Real Name: Kwon Ji Yong
  3. Position:  Leader, Main Rapper, Producer, Lyricist
  4. Birthdate: August 18, 1988
  5. Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
  6. Height: 177cm
  7. Weight: 58kg
  8. Blood Type: A
  9. Religion: Christian
  10. Languages: Korean, Japanese, English
  11. Hobbies: Collecting limited editions, writing lyrics
  12. School: Majored in Postmodern Music at KyungHee University

Q. What is GD’s role in BIGBANG?
As the main producer of BIGBANG, G-Dragon took part in writing most of BIGBANG’s songs. He doesn’t do all the things alone, though. When he writes songs, he hears a variety of opinions from BIGBANG members, and he shares his idea with Teddy, a famous music producer of YG Entertainment to make better music. But you can say G-Dragon plays the largest role in writing BIGBANG’s songs because he usually creates main melodies of the songs. And he plays a huge role in BIGBANG’s concerts too. He is such an experienced performer so that he knows well about all the things regarding concert. When BIGBANG holds a concert, he supervises all the things including sounds, camera works and stage lighting.

Q. What kind of leader is G-Dragon?
Even though G-Dragon is not the eldest BIGBANG member, all the BIGBANG members including T.O.P, who is one year older than him obey him. Basically, BIGBANG members have a strong faith in G-Dragon because he is such a great musician. G-Dragon, who is very passionate about his work knows how to lead the other members. And he sometimes gets angry when the other members look less serious about what they do on stage because he is a perfectionist.

Q. How did G-Dragon become a k-pop trainee?
Since G-Dragon was a child, his mother has taken him to a variety of competitions and auditions. GD’s first appearance in the k-pop industry was at kid TV program “Bbo Bbo Bbo”. And when he was 7 years old, he became a member of “Little Roo Ra”. Roo Ra was one of the most popular k-pop groups at the time, and G-Dragon received much attention from the public as a member of “Little Roo Ra”. After “Little Roo Ra” was disbanded in 1995, G-Dragon happened to participate in a dance competition held at a ski resort, and he became the winner of the competition. Lee Soo Man, who is the current CEO of SM Entertainment was the competition’s MC, and Lee Soo Man cast G-Dragon after watching his performance. G-Dragon was 8 years old at that time, and he has been trained by SM Entertainment for about 5 years.

Q. How did G-Dragon become YG’s trainee?
In 2001, G-Dragon took part in hip hop project album “2001 Korea”. Even though he was only 13 years old, he showed quite impressive rapping performance, and X-Teen’s Lee Hee Sung, a rapper who has produced the project album advised G-Dragon to take part in YG’s audition. YG has been well known as the best hip hop agency in Korea, and G-Dragon, who wanted to become a great hip hop musician decided to leave SM and sign with YG in 2002.

Q. How did G-Dragon become a great song writer?
Since G-Dragon was 13 years old, he has trained hard to become a great song writer. He learned music composition, while Yang Hyun Suk gave him a lot of assignments. He had to write songs every day. He was not perfect at first, but he improved gradually.

Q. Did G-Dragon like all the other BIGBANG members from the first time?
No. Before BIGBANG debuted, G-Dragon was originally planning to form duo “GDYB” with his best friend Taeyang. However, YG changed its plans and decided to form a 5-member group. G-Dragon was very dissatisfied with this because he thought it was unfair. Unlike G-Dragon and Taeyang who could debut after being trained by YG for years, the other members, especially Seungri could make a debut only after a few months since he became YG’s trainee.

Q. When did G-Dragon face the biggest crisis in his career?
In 2011, G-Dragon faced a serious crisis because a weak positive for marijuana was detected from testing the content of his hair. Since it was his first recorded offence with a minuscule amount of the drug, it resulted in an indictment and he was not charged. He later claimed to have accepted an offered cigarette from a fan in Japan during a party, but after realizing it was not a normal cigarette, threw it away.

Q. Why do G-Dragon often make an appearance in “Infinite Challenge”?
Basically, G-Dragon is a big fan of “Infinite Challenge”. He’s watched all the episodes of the program, and he likes to get along with the “Infinite Challenge” members. And actually, G-Dragon was greatly helped by the program too. After he linked his name with a marijuana scandal, he received a lot of public criticism, but he could improve his public image by showing natural himself in “Infinite Challenge”. Jung Hyungdon was the major contributor to the improvement of G-Dragon’s public image because the comedian treated him in a very friendly way, unlike most of the other TV show hosts who usually give star treatment to the idol star.

Q. Why doesn’t G-Dragon act?
G-Dragon is a perfectionist, and he usually focuses on what he does best. G-Dragon himself thinks he is not a good actor, and he feels great pressure when he acts. In addition, he’s too busy to appear in dramas. He has to manage a series of tight schedules as a top class k-pop singer.

Q. What is G-Dragon’s real personality like?
I’ve had an interview with him three times till now, and what I felt about him is that he is a little bit shy of strangers. At first, I was surprised at it because you know, he’s always very charismatic and energetic on the stage and he never looks like the one who is very shy. Even though he is shy of strangers and doesn’t talk much, it doesn’t mean he is just an introvert person. When it comes to his career, he is full of confidence. He has much pride in himself and has a very clear view on his career. Add to this, he has qualities of a leader and is the one who leads the conversation when the 5 BIGBANG members are interviewed by the press. And one more thing. It seems like he exactly knows how to captivate ladies because many of female k-pop journalists who had an interview with him fell in love with him. When he talks to somebody, he makes eye contact with the person and he sometimes puts on a very attractive smile.

Q. Is G-Dragon a genius?
It’s true that G-Dragon could write numerous hit songs because he has a natural ability. But that’s not all. According to people around him, he is the one who works and practices harder than anyone else. He aims at perfection, and he's very strict in his self-discipline.

Q. Does G-Dragon dance well?
Although G-Dragon has a reputation as a great rapper and musician, he is in fact a good dancer too. A notable thing about G-Dragon’s dance is his dancing style is quite different from the other idol dancers. For example, Taeyang, who is considered as the best dancer among all the k-pop idols shows off very accurate and powerful dance moves, but G-Dragon focuses more on expressing feelings. He does have his own kind of natural swagger. And many idols and dancers envy his body shape because his skinny but well-proportioned figure makes him look like a better dancer.

Q. How do Korean general public think of G-Dragon?
There still are some people who think badly of G-Dragon because of his marijuana scandal, but many people recognize him as the no.1 k-pop star. Even old people who are not interested in idol groups at all know of him. And in Korea, G-Dragon is not only a very famous singer but also a trendsetter who has a great impact on young people. The interesting thing is he has so many young male fans too. They copy everything G-Dragon does because they hope to become like G-Dragon. They try to dress like G-Dragon, and they try to wear accessories like G-Dragon even though G-Dragon has so many items that ordinary people cannot afford to buy.

Q. How rich is G-Dragon?
G-Dragon, who collects about 700,000 USD every year in copyright fees for his own songs, has 12.5 million USD in real estate and financial assets.

Q. What is G-Dragon’s ideal type of woman like?
G-Dragon likes a woman who has a good sense of language and fashion. He has dated several girls, but he doesn’t want to be in an open relationship because he thinks it could have a negative effect on his girl.

Q. Where does G-Dragon live?
G-Dragon paid about 2.8 million USD to buy his high rise mixed-use apartment which is next above Han river in Seoul. It is located in Seongsu-dong. He can enjoy wonderful view of the river in the luxurious residence.

Q. Where are G-Dragon’s pension hotel and café located?
In 2012, G-Dragon built a pension hotel as a gift to his family. Fans can also stay at this hotel which is now run as a business by his parents. The pension hotel, which is named “Dolce Bita” is located in Pocheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea. And on October 20, 2015, G-Dragon officially opened his first cafe, under the name of "Monsant Cafe". The café is located on Jeju Island.

Fun Facts about G-Dragon

  1. His favorite colors are black, white, gray, beige, red and sky-blue
  2. Most of G-Dragon’s tattoos were made when BIGBANG attended Hollywood Bowl and in the birthday party of Danny of 1TYM in Las Vegas. Those tattoos were made by a tattoo artist, Carey Heart at famous tattoo shop, Hart & Hurington Tattoo Parlor, Palms Casino, Las Vegas.
  3. One on his back is written “Too Fast to Livem Too Young to Die,” which is a quote on one of Vivienne Westwood’s T-shirt design.
  4. On his right arm is written “Vita Dolce,” which means a better life. On his left arm is written “Moderato”, a musical term which means “mid-tempo”.
  5. On his left chest, a tattoo of a dragon ball with eight stars from the Dragon Ball series. It symbolizes G-Dragon’s name and the eight stars as the highest achievement.
  6. On his right flank there’s a tattoo written “Forever Young”. And on his left flank is written “Mind Control”.
  7. When he was asked which Girls’ Generation member he thinks is the closest to his ideal type, he answered Yoona.
  8. He has dogs named Gaho and Jolie.


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