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IU sexually harassed by an insane BJ again

The nation's little sister was sexually harassed by an insane BJ again.

The BJ, who was at the center of criticisms due to his raw sexual remarks toward IU about a month ago has recently committed sexual harassment again.

Ok, let's see what happened a month ago first. Below is what the insane BJ said on his broadcast. At first, he was asked which he likes better between his dog and IU.

IU. I guess I have no choice because IU can give her pussy to me, but my dog can't. You know, life is sex. Men would understand me. Do you think I will be accused? Come on, if I will be accused by IU, it's an honor. Why? Because I will see her. She'll forgive me if I say I'm a big fan of her and I like her so much. Do you think I'm her hater? No, I'm her fan. She'll be damaged if she tries to punish me.

It's disgusting, huh? By the way, he has recently committed sexual harassment again. On his broadcast, he drank soju, and you know, IU is a model for Chamiseul soju. After saying "I wanted Suzy(a model for Cheoumcheoreom soju), but IU again?", he picked up the soju bottle and began to lick IU's photo as you can see in the photo below.

Well, IU's agency has already accused the crazy BJ when IU was sexually harassed by him a month ago. And on April 12, he even apologized for what he did, saying "I've been IU's fan for 6 years, and I never want to hurt her. I will accept any punishment". However, it seems like he still remains unrepentant. No doubt, there should be more and tougher punishments for him.

And yeah, do you want to know who the insane BJ is? Here's his Facebook account.

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