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Some requirements for kpop girl groups who are loved by female fans

There are so many girl groups in the world of kpop. When kpop agencies are preparing for their girl groups' debut, they consider numerous factors regarding Korean music market to produce a successful outcome.

Many of you might think that girl groups have to capture male fans' hearts, while boy groups should use opposite strategy. However, it's not true. Female fans are usually more loyal to their stars than male fans are. Female fans buy concert tickets, CDs, and merchandises. Furthermore, female fans' love toward their stars last longer. That's why not only boy groups but also girl groups should target female fans.

SM entertainment is the kpop agency which is so good at this. Whenever SM prepares for its girl group's debut or comeback, the SM staffs discuss about what they need to do to capture female fans' hearts.

So, here are some requirements for kpop girl groups who are loved by female fans.

1. Stylish and attractive: Idol singer has to be a wannabe star who makes female fans copy everything she does.

2. Singing & dancing skill: Male fans like girl groups if they are pretty and sexy enough. But female fans don't. Idols need to have good singing and dancing skills.

3. Pure & innocent: Female fans usually prefer pure and innocent idol to sexy one.

4. Charismatic: Girls like a charismatic girl who shows leadership.

5. Friendly: Female fans like idol stars who can communicate well with them.

6. Free and easy: Female fans do not like idol stars who are prudish and pretend to be pretty.


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