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Kpop Stars' Past: They Once Looked Up to Kpop Idols too

Popular Kpop singers are idols for millions of people. However, some of the stars had once hero-worshipped their senior singers too. Just like their current fans, the stars screamed at the senior singers, and made every effort to get autograph. Let's take a look at Kpop stars' past.
2NE1' Sandara Park(Right) was a big fan of Lee Hyori.
◆2NE1's Sandara Park ⇨ Lee Hyori
Before her debut, 2NE1's Sandara Park was a fan of Kpop queen Lee Hyori. Here's an episode. In the Philippines, Sandara saw Lee Hyori eating melon with appetite and relish on TV, and she thought that melon must be important food in Korea. After that, she brought melons along with her from the Philippines and visited Lee Hyori's house to hand over the present. Sandara handed Lee Hyori's mother the melons. She's really big fan, isn't she? After debut, Sandara still maintains good relationship with Lee Hyori.
SHINee's Key(Right) was a member of BoA's official fan club.
◆SHINee's Key ⇨ BoA
Do you know the fact that SHINee's Key was a member of BoA's official fan club 'Jumping BoA'? It was 2000 when the fan club was organized for the first time, and Key joined the fan club at the age of 9. After long-term efforts, Key finally became the label mate of his idol. And in 2010, at the SMTOWN LIVE 10 WORLD TOUR IN SEOUL concert, Key sang a duet with BoA. He said "I feel honored to perform with BoA on stage."
MBLAQ's Mir is a huge fan of G.O.D. His desk is full of G.O.D members' photos.
◆MBLAQ's Mir ⇨ G.O.D
MBLAQ's Mir was a huge fan of G.O.D. He joined the group's fan club, and went to their concerts to support them. He even brought home the water bottles that the G.O.D members threw away! On his desk, there still are numerous pictures of G.O.D members. And in 2013, after hearing the news of G.O.D's comeback, he showed great expectation of the group's return by posting the article about the news on his twitter account.
Rain(Right) has been B2ST Lee Gikwang's role model.
◆B2ST's Lee Gikwang ⇨ Rain
Rain has been B2ST Lee Gikwang's role model. In middle school, Gikwang began to practice singing and dancing after seeing Rain performing his hit 'It's Raining'. Yes, Gikwang dreamed of being a Kpop star because of Rain, and without him, Gikwang would not have been able to get to where he is. When Gikwang was a trainee of JYP Entertainment, Rain was alway there for him. And when Gikwang made a debut as a solo singer in 2009(His name was "AJ" at that time), Rain gave him some advice on stage costumes and hair style.
Nell Kim Jong Wan's self-written song 'Shine' was included in Sungkyu's first solo album 'Another Me'.
◆Infinite's Sungkyu ⇨ Nell
Infinite's Sungkyu grew up with Nell's music. Nell is a modern rock band and debuted in 2001. The band is in Woollim Entertainment, and Sungkyu attended the agency's audition to be a Kpop star just like Nell. Well, after making a debut as a member of Infinite, Sungkyu received a special gift from Kim Jong Wan, the leader of Nell. In 2012, when Sungkyu was preparing for his solo album, Kim Jong Wan gave his self-written song 'Shine' to Sungkyu. The song is included in Sungkyu's first solo album 'Another Me'.
Girl's Day's Minah is a long time fan of TVXQ's U-Know Yunho.
◆Girl's Day's Minah ⇨ TVXQ's U-Know Yunho
Girl's Day's Minah is a long time fan of TVXQ's Yunho. She has looked up to him since she was very young. She met him after her debut, but she said "I felt really strange. I even couldn't talk to him." In 2014, Girl's Day released its new song 'Something', while TVXQ made a comeback with the song of the same title and the two group competed for No.1 place of Kpop chart shows at the same period of time. Don't you think that the two have a special bond with each other? :)
Former GLAM member Trinity.
◆Former GLAM member Trinity ⇨ Super Junior's Lee Teuk
There also is a Kpop star who got into trouble because of trace of the past. After 5-member girl group GLAM debuted in 2012, rumors spread that the member Trinity once was Super Junior Lee Teuk's Sasaeng fan. Since then, Trinity took public criticism.(About Sasaeng fan, please refer to this post.) Eventually, five months after GLAM's debut, its agency announced that Trinity will be leaving the group. Although the agency said that Trinity decided to leave the team for personal reasons, people still believe that she had to drop out of GLAM because of her past.


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