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[Kpop Romance Based on a True Story] You're Beautiful - Chapter 1. Encounter

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K-pop idol stars’ romance always draws lots of attention from people. You know, it is human nature to want love, and the young bloods want love too. However, most of k-pop agencies do not want their idols to date somebody because idol stars' pure and innocent image could be damaged by a love scandal. Especially, a love scandal could be very fatal to female idols in Korea because there still are many Korean people who have very conservative and traditional ideas about females’ dating and marriage. For this reason, most of k-pop idols try to have romantic relationship with somebody very secretly, unbeknownst to their agencies, and a fair number of idols date someone in the same field because it helps them avoid publicity.

Chapter 1. First Encounter


Minjoo got off the bus. She looked up at the building of Fish Entertainment, one of the biggest k-pop agencies. Her heart went pit-a-pat, looking at the fancy white building. It was Minjoo’s 21st audition. The 16-year-old girl had dreamed of becoming a k-pop idol star since she was very young, but it was never easy for her to pass an audition. There were so many competitors, and Minjoo even had to compete with foreign would-be singers to get an opportunity to debut.

But Minjoo couldn’t give up. She was desperate. It could have been her last chance because she promised her parents that she would stop trying to become a k-pop idol if she failed Fish Entertainment’s audition. Her parents wanted her to have a stable job, instead of chasing her dream. Minjoo was a good student, and she could enter a nice university if she wanted to.

When Minjoo got to the fifth floor of the building, there were many audition participants who were waiting their turns. Minjoo sat on a chair and tried to compose herself.

“Hey, Minjoo!”

Soyun waved to Minjoo. Soyun was Minjoo’s old friend, and she also had dreamed of becoming a k-pop idol star for a long time. Soyun signed up for the audition too, and it was her 24th audition.

“Are you ready for the audition?”, asked Soyun.

“I don’t know. I’m very nervous, more so than ever before”, said Minjoo, taking a deep breath.

Just then, a staff member stepped out of the audition room and called Minjoo’s name.

“Number 3, Seo Minjoo?”

“Yes, yes, it’s me!”

Minjoo got up and stood in front of the door of the audition room. Before entering the room, Minjoo took a deep breath once more.
“Hey, don’t’ get nervous. You’re a great girl”, Soyun winked at her, crinkling her eyes.

Minjoo was desperate to become a k-pop idol


There were 5 judges in front of Minjoo. One of them was Daniel Lee, the CEO of Fish Entertainment who was a very famous k-pop producer and had trained a lot of popular k-pop idols. Minjoo’s heart pounded widely.

“So, show me what you can do, Minjoo”, said Daniel Lee, adjusting his sun glasses.

Minjoo had practiced Taeyeon’s “I” for the audition. Taeyeon was her role model, and she wanted to become a famous singer like the Girls’ Generation member.

“But strong girl, you know you were born to fly” Minjoo sang the song with all sincerity, but she couldn’t help the quiver in her voice. She did much worse than when she had practiced the song about a hundred times.

“Ok, can you dance?” asked Daniel Lee. He was poker-faced.

“Yes, yes, of course” Minjoo tried to smile but her lips quivered.

Minjoo began to dance to GFriend’s “Love Whisper”. She did her best this time too, but she made a couple of mistakes while dancing. She felt hopeless.

“Ok, thank you for your effort” said Daniel Lee. He was still poker-faced.

When Minjoo got out of the room, Soyun was waiting for her.

“Hey, how did you do?” asked Soyun.

“I don’t know. I think I spoiled my audition” She was near to tears.

“It’s ok. Don’t worry, there will be a good result. I know how hard you have practiced” Soyun tried to cheer her up.

“I even sang out of tune! How stupid I am. Anyway, it’s your turn. I hope you will do a great job. Just don’t get nervous” said Minjoo.

“Nervous? You know I’m not the type of person who get nervous easily, haha. Don’t worry” Soyun entered the audition room after winking at Minjoo.

"Show me what you can do, Minjoo"


“Daniel, have you finished choosing our new trainees?” asked Kim Eunha, the assistant manager of Fish Entertainment.

“Well, I’m almost done. I’ve chosen four girls. Hyejin, Soyoung, Minhee and Kyungjoo” said Daniel Lee.

“Oh, I totally agree with you. Especially, I love Hyejin. She’s really talented. She sings well and she dances really well too. I’m sure she is the best among all the participants. She will be able to become one of the most popular k-pop idols” said Kim Eunha.

“By the way, there is a problem” Daniel Lee adjusted his sun glasses.

“Problem? What problem?” asked Kim Eunha.

“I’m thinking about choosing Minjoo” said Daniel Lee.

“What? Minjoo? The girl who even sang out of tune? She’s pretty but she’s not good at dancing either. I think you’d better choose her friend Soyun. She sings better, and she’s really confident” said Kim Eunha, clearly surprised.

“Hey, do you remember what I told you? We’re looking for a promising trainee, not a professional singer who already has all the skills. What do you think is means? We can teach Minjoo how to sing and dance later. She has her own charm. And the public like an idol like her. An innocent and pretty girl. Believe me. She’ll become one of the most popular idols in Korea” The experienced k-pop producer looked at Kim Eunha with an air.

“Oh, ok. So you’ve chosen a total of five girls. Hyejin, Soyoung, Minhee, Kyungjoo and Minjoo. I’ll call them and let them know that they’ve passed the audition” said Kim Eunha.

"What? Minjoo? The girl who even sang out of tune?"


Minjoo’s heart was all aflutter in anticipation for her life as a trainee of Fish Entertainment. She finally became a k-pop trainee after years of effort.

When Minjoo arrived at the fancy white building of Fish Entertainment, Kim Eunha welcomed her with a bright smile.

“Hey, Minjoo. Welcome. You’re now a part of our family. Say hello to your friends” said Kim Eunha.

There were Hyejin, Soyoung, Minhee and Kyungjoo, who have passed the audition with Minjoo. Minjoo exchanged greetings with the girls and introduced herself to them.

“Hi, I’m Minjoo. I’m 16 years old. Let’s try to get along” Everything seemed to Minjoo like a dream.

“So, all of you are the same age, and I hope you will get along well with each other. First of all, congratulations, girls. You made it. But, you should keep in mind that it’s just the start. You’ll be trained by our teachers, and you’ll have a test every month. We hope you five will make a debut as a 5-member girl group, but, you know, no one really knows the future. You should do your best while being trained. Here’s your daily schedule” Kim Eunha distributed sheets of paper to the girls.

“And one more thing. We have some rules you have to observe. First, don’t be late for your lessons. Second, don’t neglect your academic work. You’re still students. Third, don’t have a plastic surgery without our permission. We know a very competent plastic surgeon, and you will have a plastic surgery before your debut if you need to. Fourth, don’t date. Especially, don’t date our agency’s male trainees. We have 4 male trainees now, and they’ll debut soon. It’s good to be on good terms with them, but, again, don’t date them”

Minjoo thought there were too many rules she had to observe, but she could endure all the things to become a popular idol.

Just then, Minho and Giho got into the room.

“Ok, girls. Minho and Giho are two of four male trainees I’ve told you. Say hello to each other, and don’t forget what I told you. Hey, Giho, you know what I mean? I have to go. See you all tomorrow” said Kim Eunha said, leaving the room.

“Haha, she’s so stubborn. She must have told you that you should not date us, right? Just forget about what Kim Eunha told you. You know, the relationship between a man and a woman is unpredictable, haha” said Giho, putting a smile on his face.

“Hey, they’ve just become trainees, and we have rules”, Minho told Giho.

“Ok, ok, I know. Anyway, let’s introduce ourselves. Hi, I’m Giho. I’m 18 years old. I’ve been trained for about 4 years, and I’ll debut soon. Yeah, with my friend Minho. Minho, tell them who you are”

“Hi, I’m Minho. I hope you will practice hard and realize your dream”

“Practice hard and realize your dream? Haha, you’re so boring. Please understand, girls. He just has a good soul. Let’s shake hands, anyway. Hey, Minho, come here” said Giho, moving closer to the girls.

Minho didn’t like to, but Giho took him by the hand. And the boys and girls began to shake hands with each other, exchanging greetings one by one.

Just then, Minjoo’s pretty and white face jumped to Minho’s eyes.

“Hi, I’m Minjoo” Minjoo said bashfully, reaching out her hand.

Minho didn’t know why, but his heartbeat quickened.

Minho's hearbeat quickened when he saw Minjoo's pretty white face

**New chapters are updated every Monday.


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