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[Kpop Audition Bible - How to become a kpop idol] What you shouldn't do

Do not trust Best Audition Songs List

If you google the words “audition songs”, you will discover there are many great songs for would-be singers. Yeah, those are good songs. However, you should know that so many people sing those songs at their auditions. No matter how good a song is, the judges get irritated if they listen to the same song dozens of times.

Remember, what you should do is touch the judges’ hearts. One of the biggest mistakes of would-be singers is to care only about technical things. But, if you sing one of the “Best Audition Songs”, it will be hard for you to touch the judges’ hearts because they’ll busy comparing you to all the other participants who sang the same song with you.

So, here’s a tip. Sing the best audition songs when you practice singing. The songs are good for singing practice because most of the songs are well-organized and have good melodies. Singing such songs will help you improve basic skills. And at the same time, select other songs for you audition and practice them.

Do not imitate popular singers

Some of participants imitate famous singers. It could be understood in some way because they have practiced the singers’ songs over and over again. But, you should remember that the judges are looking for someone who can become a competent singer, not an impersonator. K-pop agencies are always looking for someone who is fresh and new because the public wants a new star. That’s why you need to show yourself at your audition instead of imitating somebody.

The most important thing is how to select a song for you audition. Consider your voice tone, your charm and the range of your voice. Everyone has a different voice, and you have to select a song which fits your voice. Sing a song that you’re really confident in, not a song that is the most popular among people.

Do not pretend to be sexy

Many participants care much about the way they dress. Yeah, it’s important how you dress because you need to look better to catch the eyes of the judges.

However, don’t forget you are teenagers. The judges of k-pop auditions are more conservative than you think. Korea is a conservative country which emphasizes the teaching of Confucianism. The judges don’t want to see teenage participants wearing sexy clothes such as hot pants and chest cleavage revealing clothes. Do not pretend to be sexy. And dress in your usual simple style, which helps you look neat, pretty, and unpretending. First impressions are important at auditions.

And one more thing you should remember is that the judges do not prefer boxy fit clothes because they can’t figure out your body type if you’re in such clothes. Figuring out a body type of a participant is very important to the judges because they need to imagine how to style the participant later.

Don’t be rude

The judges hate rude participants. Observe good manners and act in a modest way. Some of k-pop agencies even see school records of participants before casting them because the agencies regard character to be the most important when they choose their trainees. Do not apply for multiple fields of your audition. It makes you look arrogant. And do not beg the judges for another chance. I know you’re very desperate, but the result will not change. Instead, you should wait for another chance.

However, you should not look like a timid participant either. Be confident. If you become a k-pop idol, you have to perform in front of thousands of people. If you are not confident in singing in front of only a few judges, the judges will think you can’t do it. The way how to become confident? Practice over and over and over. Participants who have great singing and dancing ability must be confident.


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