[Korean Stars' Real Personality] G-Dragon

No doubt, GD is the most influential star in the k-pop world. I’ve had an interview with him three times till now, and what I felt about him is that he is a little bit shy of strangers. At first, I was surprised at it because you know, he’s always very charismatic and energetic on the stage and he never looks like the one who is very shy.

Even though he is shy of strangers and doesn’t talk much, it doesn’t mean he is just an introvert person. When it comes to his career, he is full of confidence. He has much pride in himself and has a very clear view on his career. Add to this, he has qualities of a leader and is the one who leads the conversation when the 5 BIGBANG members are interviewed by the press. Oh, and one more thing. It seems like he exactly knows how to captivate ladies because many of female k-pop journalists who had an interview with him fell in love with him. When he talks to somebody, he makes eye contact with the person and he sometimes puts on a very attractive smile.

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