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6 Questions and Answers about BTS Music

Q. How is BTS different from the other k-pop idol groups?
Most of k-pop idols don’t take part in writing their songs and they just sing songs written by professional song writers. However, BTS members can make and produce their music, and it’s a very notable thing because they can differentiate themselves from the other idols by doing so. Rap Monster, Suga and J-Hope are the three best song writers among BTS members, but the other four members can write songs too. Even though they have to manage a series of tight schedules, they write new songs whenever they have time, and they have more than 300 unreleased songs.

Q. What is a feature of BTS’ music?
Basically, BTS does hip hop music. BTS’ songs usually have powerful sound and energetic vibe. The most striking feature of BTS’ music is that the members sing about their peer group. They have tackled school bullying and rejected society’s ideals, challenging societal norms, while most of k-pop idol groups do not take such an approach. According to BTS members, their slogan is “We sing for our peer group”, and they believe that they should tell their own stories to commune with teenagers and people in their 20s.

Q. What is a feature of BTS’ album?
The most striking feature of BTS’ album is that the album has a story line which covers more than one album. For example, BTS released "school trilogy" series in its early years, and through the three albums, “Cool 4 Skool”, “O!RUL8, 2?” and “Skool Luv Affair”, the boy group sang about teenagers’ dream, happiness and love. And in 2016, BTS released the first and second parts of “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life” series, and through the two albums, the team sang about youth. This kind of strategy or their way of releasing albums is a factor that contributed to their success because they could make their loyal fans absorbed in their stories and the process of their growth as musicians. After BTS made a big success by using such a strategy, some of other young k-pop boy groups began to follow the strategy. They released two-part albums and trilogy series just like BTS did even though they were not as successful as BTS.

Q. Did all the BTS members like hip hop from the first?
No, some of the members were unfamiliar with hip hop music in the old days. However, Rap Monster, the leader of the team, who has been doing hip hop music for a long time helped them become familiar with hip hop. He always played hip hop music in BTS’ dormitory, and he recommended songs too. And he also helped them practice writing rap lyrics.

Q. What is a feature of BTS’ dance?
Big Hit Entertainment’s choreographer Son Sungdeuk has been in charge of BTS’ choreography, while the most striking feature of BTS’ dance is that the members show very energetic and powerful performance. They deliver gorgeous group dance performance, showing advanced techniques. That’s why so many Korean would be singers cover their dance. Jimin, Jungkook and J-Hope are the three best dancers among BTS members, but they have different styles of dancing. Jimin is good at beautiful dance moves, while Jungkook is powerful and is good at making exact movements. And J-Hope is good at showing advanced techniques. When BTS practices dancing, J-Hope usually leads the practice.

Q. What is BTS’ biggest worry as a musician?
A remarkable thing about BTS is that the boy group is recognized not only as a very popular idol group but also as a competent hip hop artist. However, what distresses BTS is that they should find some way to balance between idol and artist. In Korea, there is a prejudice that idols should act cute. And idols usually watch their behavior to avoid gossip. They’re not free to express themselves, and they’re controlled by their agencies. However, hip hop artists do not do such a thing. They freely express themselves, and they deliver straightforward messages through their music. According to BTS members, they have been self-conscious because of their ambiguous position. But, one thing that is certain is the fact that they’ve been doing great because they’re loved by not only idol fans but also hip hop fans in Korea.


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