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BLACKPINK to take another giant leap

BLACKPINK is coming back. The girl group has already finished recording its new songs. The album will be released soon, and it is expected the talented and beautiful members will please their fans again by showing outstanding performance.

A notable thing about BLACKPINK's comeback is that the team is aiming to take another giant leap. You know, the girl group received great attention from people even before making an official debut as a new girl group of YG and a sister group of 2NE1, the legendary k-pop girl group. After debut, everything went smoothly. BLACKPINK's songs such as "BOOMBAYAH", "PLAYING WITH FIRE" and "AS IF IT'S YOUR LAST" became big hits, and the girl group enjoyed huge popularity at home and abroad. Especially, the members set amazing records on YouTube, and the huge popularity of the girl group's music videos made them world stars.

However, it's true BLACKPINK has been less active in the k-pop world than other young girl groups. BLACKPINK released less albums and appeared on less TV shows. That's why most of the general public don't think BLACKPINK is the most popular young girl group. They rather consider TWICE and Red Velvet as the most popular young girl groups.

So, through its comeback, BLACKPINK will try to captivate the general public, aiming to become the most popular k-pop girl group. The girl group already has lots of loyal fans, but it's certainly important for k-pop girl groups to become popular among the general public.

That's not all. BLACKPINK will be set on taking over Japanese music market by holding "BLAKCPINK ARENA TOUR 2018" soon. The country is a very important market for k-pop idol groups because it has the second biggest music market in the world. No.1 position in Japanese music market means a lot to k-pop idol groups, and BLACKPINK will try to take over the position from TWICE, who has been amazingly successful in the country. In addition, BLACKPINK's tour will be mightily important to YG Entertainment, whose stocks remain weak. That's why YG Entertainment is giving full support to BLACKPINK's comeback.

Are you looking forward to BLACKPINK's new album? Well, me too. I hope the girls will surprise us again with their outstanding music and performance.


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