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Wanna One hope to have their golden age in 2018

Q. Tell me about your new album "0+1=1".
Yoon Jisung: The album includes our ambition that we want to have our golden age in 2018. The album has many messages, so please enjoy listening to it.

Q. Tell me about the title track "Boomerang".
Kang Daniel: It's a sexy love song. You can definitely look forward to our powerful performance.

Q. So, what is it like to make a comeback?
Ong Sungwoo: We've been looking forward to meeting our fans. We've prepared a lot for our comeback, and I promise we will give a very special present to our fans.
Lai Kuan-lin: I've stayed focused while preparing for our comeback. Please look forward to our performance.

Q. It has been about a year since "PRODUCE 101" was ended. 
Kim Jaehwan: Well, when I was a trainee, I really wanted to sing on stage. I've realized my dream, and I'm so happy now. And I think our team work is getting better and better.
Park Woojin: Yeah, I'm doing what I've dreamed of. And I have so many precious people around me now.
Ha Sungwoon: Since we debuted as Wanna One, we've been loved so much. We won't stop making efforts.

Q. Jinyoung, it seems you became more cheerful than you were when you appeared in "PRODUCE 101".
Bae Jinyoung: After I debuted, I became motivated to do great on stage. In addition, all the members always take good care of me. I think my personality has changed.

Q. Do you realize your great popularity.
Yoon Jisung: I'm just surprised so many fans purchased our album and people recognize us. We just try our best at every moment.

Q. What is your goal for this year?
Kang Daniel: We were loved by so many fans last year. We're so thankful for that. Our goal for this year is to entertain many people by releasing great music. We'll do our best to show better performance. We don't expect any awards, and we'll just do the best we can with what we're given.

Q. I heard that your choreography for "Boomerang" is very hard to perform.
Kang Daniel: At first, I thought it's easy. But after the first day of our practice, we couldn't even sit up in bed. Our manager had a hard job waking us up. You can look forward to our performance.

Q. Daniel, many female celebrities these days say their ideal type is you. How do you feel?
Kang Daniel: I appreciate it. I'm grateful to all of them, and it makes me try harder.

Q. You know, you're a temporary boy group, and there is not much time left. Are you thinking of extending your contract?
Lee Daehwi: We're not thinking about the end. We'll just try our best at every moment. And for now, we're not discussing about the contract extend.

Q. Minhyun, NU'EST W members have successfully finished their concert. How do you feel?
Hwang Minhyun: I heard that they did really great. I'm so proud of them.

Q. Jihoon, you once were a child actor. What is it like to meet all the famous entertainers you once acted with again?
Park Johoon: When I was young, I couldn't care about other people because I was too young. It's amazing to meet them again. It was an honor.

Q. You have to manage a series of tight schedules. How do you take care of your health?
Kang Daniel: I take vitamins. When I was young, I hated to take a medicine, but vitamins give me energy.
Ong Sungwoo: Getting enough sleep is the best way to take care of my health, but when I can't, I usually enjoy lower-body bathing to recover from fatigue.

Q. Tell me about your ambition for this year.
Hwang Minhyun: As Jisung said, we want to have our golden age in 2018. And I promise we will give special presents to Wannable.
Kang Daniel: We'll pour our love into Wannable.


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