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Lee Seung Gi hopes to release his new song within this year

Q. Your new film "The princess and the matchmaker" is making the box office hit. How do you feel?
I'm always nervous when my new film is released because we can't revise or modify it after it's released. I appreciate many people's interest in the movie. I used to appear in comic and pleasant movies, but "The princess and the matchmaker" is a little bit serious movie. I think that's one reason why people like the movie.

Q. What made you decide to appear in the movie?
I loved the scenario. And I had trust in the film crew, who have produced successful movie "Face Reader". In addition, I've wanted to make an appearance in a historical film.

Q. Every time you appears in a drama or movie, you achieve success. What's your secret?
I know some people say I'm overestimated, and actually, I don't have any secret. If I knew the secret, I would never need to worry about my future, haha. I just put great importance on the balance among all the people while filming a drama or movie. Everybody has their roles, and as an actor, I do my best to express my character.

Q. When you filmed "A Korean Odyssey", there were some problems. You know, incomplete CG got on the air and a staff member was badly hurt in the fall.
It's unfortunate and deeply regrettable. But what's important is that we need to enhance publicity on the issue and try hard to change the system. We have a problem with our drama shooting system, and people are always exposed to the danger. All the people who take part in dramas have the right to be happy.

Q. "A Korean Odyssey" was your first drama after your discharge from the army. How was your life in the army?
Frankly speaking, it was really hard and I was irritated sometimes. But I have good memories of my life in the army. It was a good experience, and I could overcome my limitations thanks to the experience. I think I've become more mature and energetic. I don't complain about weather or other hard situations any more. And I think I've become more straightforward. I don't try to hide my feelings any more.

Q. In your new film, you play a matchmaker. Would you go to a matchmaker to ask about your marital harmony if you had a girlfriend?
I've met a fortuneteller before, and at first, she was quite accurate. It seemed she knew every single thing about me. However, in the end, she said I needed to perform the ancestral ceremony well for my grandmother. It seemed she didn't know my grandmother was still alive, haha. If I had a girlfriend? No, I would not go to a matchmaker. What's important is my feeling.

Q. You sing, act, and appear in TV shows. What do you think your job is?
In the old days, I agonized over it, but I don't any more. I think I'm an entertainer. Now I'm in my 30s, and I think what's important is to be on my way.

Q. Will you rejoin "New Journey to the West"?
I have a great affection for the program, but I'm not sure my appearance in the program can have a positive effect on it because many people have done really great without me. However, I've recently had a talk with Na Young Suk, the producer of the program, and I think I can join him if there is a chance.

Q. When will you release your new song?
I really want to sing. I don't know how things will go, but I hope to release my new song within this year.


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