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It's still Girls' Generation

In 2017, Girls' Generation's Tiffany, Sooyoung and Seohyun left the girl group and SM Entertainment. It certainly was a shocking news, and some people said the girl group would be on the most critical stage of their career because there were so many girl groups who were threatening the no.1 position.

However, well, some people's concern that Girls' Generation might go downhill proved to be unfounded. Even though not all the Girls' Generation members belong to SM any more, the members are doing so great in various fields of Korean entertainment industry.

Seohyun will take part in a historic concert to be held in North Korea. As you may know, recently there has been progress in the relationship between North and South Korea, and various Korean musicians will visit North Korea and hold a concert soon. As part of the South Korean art troupe, Seohyun will introduce k-pop music to North Korean people. In addition, she will host the concert!

And Sooyoung was cast as the main character in a Korean-and-Japanese made film. Since she has been showing her great talent as an actress, it is expected that she will show excellent performance in the film. Although she didn't appear in not that many films, the Girls' Generation member is now one of the most sought-after young female actresses in the Korean drama industry.

Tiffany, who's currently taking acting lessons in the United States, will comeback with her new contents soon. I'm sure the beautiful and talented idol star will comeback with great contents.

The other Girls' Generation members who didn't leave SM are doing great too, of course. Yoona is doing good as a worker of "Hyori's Guesthouse", and Yuri is currently filming her new drama "Sound of your heart". And Taeyeon has been doing so great as one of the best female solo k-pop singers. Sunny and Hyoyeon are also active in various fields of Korean entertainment industry.

What's most notable thing about the Girls' Generation members is that they do not dwell in past glories. Even though they've already achieved huge success as idol singers, they're still trying hard to become better actresses, entertainers and more. And surprisingly, all the members doing so good, still gaining popularity among many people. Thought it has been more than 10 years since they debuted, they maintain dominant position in the Korean entertainment world, and it is because of their constant efforts. Not all the k-pop idols can do such a thing.

Yeah, it's still Girls' Generation.


  1. Hi. The girls didn't leave Girls' Generation, they only left SM! They keep reaffirming this in many interviews. Seohyun herself said they're gonna promote as snsd in their next activities. So, please fix your article. Thank you!


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