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How popular BTS is in Korea

No doubt, BTS is the most popular k-pop idol group in the world now. The 7-member group sold the greatest number of albums among all the k-pop singers in 2017, and the team has entered Billboard 200 as no.7, which was the best record in k-pop history. And you know, BTS has become the first ever k-pop idol group who's awarded at the Billboard Music Awards by winning the Top Social Artist award.

By the way, it seems there are many foreign fans who are curious to know BTS is really popular in Korea. Well, there are some people who say ill of BTS and try to diminish the group's popularity, but here's the truth.

Q. Which is the most popular k-pop group among Korean teenagers?
It's BTS. It's BTS' era, and there's no doubt about it. BTS is gaining overwhelming popularity among Korean teenagers, and there are some reasons for it. The group writes its own music and sings about teenager's life, arousing empathy from young k-pop fans. BTS could achieve a huge success because of its great storytelling. Of course, BTS is not the first k-pop boy group who give people music with stories. Idol group of SM Entertainment such as TVXQ, SHINee and EXO usually have been very good at storytelling. However, the notable difference between them and BTS is that their stories are made by SM Entertainment, but BTS makes its stories by itself. BTS' stories are are as refined as SM's, but the stories are very candid and honest.

Q. Is BTS popular among Korean people who are in their 30s or older?
BTS is famous among them, but I can't say the group is very popular among them. I mean, all the Korean people know that BTS is now the most popular k-pop group among teenagers, but it doesn't mean people who are in their 30s or older love or admire BTS. Old people in Korea usually know BTS' team name, but they don't know each member's names and they can't recognize the members. However, it doesn't mean you can diminish BTS' popularity in Korea. It's just a general trend of k-pop, and old people in Korean even don't know most of the other young k-pop idol groups' team names.

Q. Are BTS' songs really popular in Korea?
Of course, BTS' songs are really popular among Korean teenagers, but among people in their 30s or older, the songs are not that popular, unfortunately. Many of them even don't know titles of BTS' songs because they usually enjoy listening to songs of older k-pop singers. However, again, it doesn't mean you can diminish BTS' popularity in Korea. It's just a general trend of k-pop. There are no k-pop boy groups whose songs are very popular among Korean people in their 30s or older.

Q. So, how popular is BTS in Korea?
There have been national favorite singers in Korea, but the k-pop world has changed very much. There are so many idol groups these days, and lots of veteran singers have entirely lost their ground even though there still are many old people who love the veteran singers' music. I can't say BTS is the national favorite k-pop group, but one thing is certain that the young and talented group is considered as a cultural icon among teenagers. The group is enjoying sensational popularity and is the most popular k-pop boy group in Korea now.


  1. Great working shading other groups to hype just that one group and let me tell you something bts don't Stan a chance with the public next to artists like heize and iu and big bang and exo.... Just for your information


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