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GD and Taeyang Talk About their 14 Years of Friendship and Big Bang

Through YG entertainment's special hip hop project, Big Bang's G-Dragon and Taeyang formed a new sub unit GD X TAEYANG and released a single “Good Boy” in 2014. GD took part in writing the song as always, while the song has gained great popularity at home and abroad. After releasing the single, GD X TAEYANG gave an interview to various Korean media outlets and talked about their new album, friendship, and BIGBANG.

The two friends GD and Taeyang were both born in 1988, and 14 years ago, they joined YG entertainment as trainees. And they’ve went through rigorous training together for 6 years to make a debut as members of BIGBANG. So, of course, they’ve been good friends both in joy and in sorrow for a long time and know each other better than anyone. About GD, Taeyang said as follows.

"Actually, there are many differences between us. He has something I do not have, and I have something he does not have. For example, we have totally different home surroundings. I have a brother but GD has his sister. But I think that’s why we could learn a lot from each other. Now? We are closer than real brothers. We can tell what we're thinking just by looking into each other's eyes. And fans who watched GD closely may know. He is a man of kind character. Sometimes I'm worried about him because he is too kind."

And GD said about his best friend, “Real brothers sometimes fight. But we don't fight. We are better than real brothers. Taeyang is really stubborn, which sometimes frustrates people around him. However, when he pushes forward by acting according to his belief, we always meet with good results. I think that kind of personality made him who he is. He is simple and honest. I want to be with him at the last moment of my life."

As soon as releasing “Good Boy,” GD X TAEYANG topped 8 different Korean online music charts including Melon, Olleh, Mnet, Bugs, Cyworld, Soribada, Naver, and Daum. The song also topped iTunes charts of Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, while the music video has had more than 5 million hits on YouTube just 4 days after being released.

About this, G-Dragon stated, "We released a new song after a long hiatus, and it's so happy that so many fans like the song. Personally, I feel something lacking because I couldn't show the stage performance for the song yet due to busy schedules. Actually, we’ve worked on the music without any burdens because it is a single, and we just enjoyed it. And frankly speaking, I can’t say that “Good Boy” is a song with a popular appeal. If it was BIGBANG’s song, I might have tried to write a song with a mass appeal, but this time, I just wanted to do what I want to do.”

And Taeyang added, "I never expected that we will film the music video of the song because we've worked on the music very lightly. I think we were lucky. Actually, we’ve been hard at work on BIGBANG’s upcoming new album, and “Good Boy” was just one of many songs we were working on.”

At the interview, GD was asked to comment about rumors of his romance with Japanese model Mizuhara Kiko. However, he refused it, smiling, "Couldn't we just talk about music? Sorry, for now, I have nothing to tell you about it." Instead, he stated, "I'm greatly influenced by love, people, and environment. I draw my inspiration from my experiences."

At the time of interview, BIGBANG’s latest album was “Still Alive” that was released in June 2012. So, it has been a long time since the group released its album, and many fans were looking forward to BIGBANG's brand new album. About this, GD said sorry to his fans, stating, "Another year is almost gone already, and I think we have to delay the album release."

As the main producer of BIGBANG’s album, GD was hard at work on the group's upcoming album, but he said the members were too busy to concentrate on preparing for the album.

He said "These days, I can't see TOP often because he is too busy managing a series of tight schedules as an actor. And Daesung has been on his solo concert tour in Japan, while Seungri is busy too. Taeyang and I are the only two who usually work in our recording studio," while Taeyang added, "I think some of the members may listen to “Good boy” at BIGBANG’s upcoming concert for the first time because they are too busy."

And here are GD’s more comments about BIGBANG’s new album. He promised that he will release the album as soon as possible, and you know, in 2015, BIGBANG’s “MADE” series was finally released and it became a sensation in the k-pop world.

"Actually, I’m getting older and I can't write new songs as fast as I used to. I want to release BIGBANG’s new album as soon as possible, but I think I'm unprepared for it yet. Please wait a bit longer, and we'll repay you for waiting for us for such a long time. I know the album is very important for us, and that’s why I’m aiming for perfection.”

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