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The Reason Why Kpop Rookie Park Boram Beat Sistar, Block B and More on Music Charts

Kpop female rookie singer Park Boram has cut an appearance in the world of Kpop. The singer released her debut song 'Beautiful' on August 7, and the song is still in the top slots of various music charts, beating Kpop's leading names such as Sistar, Block B, Winner and more. It is very exceptional for a Kpop female rookie singer to make such a good record soon after debuting.

Park Boram auditioned Mnet's 'Super Star K 2' aired in 2010. If you watched the program, you may remember her as a plump girl.

However, as you can see in her recent photo, she changed her skin. In the world of Kpop, looks are important, whether you agree or not. And One major proponent of appearance is weight. After losing a lot of weight, Park Boram became a dream girl of many men, to my surprise.

For 4 years, Park Boram has been dieting and reduced her weight by 32 kilograms. Isn't it amazing? She has cut down on the fat in her diet, and she has been exercising. She weighs only 45 kilograms now! Especially, right before releasing her debut album, she shed 5 kilograms in less than 2 months by following a strict diet and rigorous exercise program.

Yeah, it required blood, sweat, and tears to succeed.

In 'beautiful', Park Boram sings about her diet. Let's see the lyrics.

They say I became a pretty girl. Everyone is shocked. They say they can't recognize me. What have you done with your body? That's our of question. One banana and two eggs. It's so hard to become pretty like the others. From crown to toe. I have to care about every single thing. I wanted to be loved like you too. So, I had to be tenacious."

Park Boram's honest story about herself aroused sympathy from many people, especially from females who have dieting experiences.

When Kpop agencies produce their singers' albums, they focus on storytelling of the albums because successful storytelling can lead to the success of the album. In that sense, the story of Park Boram, who reduced her weight by 32 kilograms, brought the music fans’ attention at first glance and had a decisive effect on her debut album's success.

Park Boram changed her skin and has a special story. But, what if people do not like her song? Well, 'Beautiful' has some elements people might like.

'Beautiful', a medium tempo music with hip hop rhythm, is very easy to sing along to and the chorus is really catchy, while Park Boram shows cute and sweet performance on stage. I can't say that the song can be highly acclaimed for its musical quality, but it certainly has popular appeal.

And it is notable that Block B's Zico was featured in the song as a rapper. Popular idol star Zico, who is regarded as one of the most competitive idol rappers in Korea, was an integral part of Park Boram's success. Zico's rap was a nice addition to 'Beautiful', undoubtedly.


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