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What Kim Kwang Soo wants to get from his fight with T-ara members

4 T-ara members, Jiyeon, Hyomin, Eunjung and Qri have recently submitted documents to the Korean Intellectual Property Office to claim that the brand name "T-ara" belongs to themselves.

You know, in December, 2017, MBK Entertainment, former home to the 4 T-ara members, applied for the trademark of T-ara. If the application is accepted, the members will not be able to promote with the group name T-ara or perform T-ara's songs outside of MBK Entertainment.

Well, what do you think? K-pop agencies sometimes apply for the trademark of their idol groups and don't allow the groups' members to use the team names after their breakup with the members. You know, T-ara's situation seems similar to the past issue with BEAST and Cube Entertainment. The former BEAST members ultimately had to promote with the new group name of Highlight as they were unable to win the trademark for BEAST.

I can understand k-pop agencies' stance on the issue of the trademark of their idol groups because they've produced the groups and invested lots of money to promote the groups.

However, there is a crucial difference between BEAST and T-ara's situation. BEAST members still had a good relationship with Cube Entertainment even though the agency hadn't allowed to use the team name. They understood each other, and they're still keeping in touch with each other.

But, T-ara members and MBK Entertainment are fighting each other. More precisely, it's a fight between T-ara and Kim Kwang Soo, the CEO of MBK Entertainment.

In a recent interview, Kim Kwang Soo said "I don't really want to have the brand name T-ara. I'll never recruit new members to reform the girl group. However, I want to defend the name. We've been trying hard to promote the girl group. The team name doesn't belong to the 4 T-ara members. It belongs to all of us, who have been working for T-ara. And some of the members were too greedy about the name. They said one thing and meant another. We've been together for 10 years, but I feel regretful now".

So, now you can see how things are going? Kim Kwang Soo applied for the trademark of T-ara because he was mad at T-ara members, who got on his nerves and decided not to renew their contracts with MBK Entertainment. What does Kim Kwang Soo want to get from his fight with T-ara members? He wants to screw them over.


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