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What actually happened at Suzy's comeback showcase (The reason why some reporters are angry at her)

On January 29, 2018, Suzy released her new solo album "Faces of Love". The female k-pop star held a comeback showcase in Seoul on the day, and her title track "Holiday" is gaining popularity on various online music charts. It's notable that the former Miss A member took part in writing some songs of her new album, and the young talented singer certainly showed her potential as a singer songwriter.

By the way, it seems some Korean reporters are not happy with Suzy's comeback. More precisely, they seem angry at the k-pop star. The reporters have written articles like "Suzy can sing a song about love, but she can't explain it" and "Suzy, reporters don't harm you", criticizing her.

Well, what do you think made the reporters so angry at Suzy?

You know, in November, 2017, Suzy accepted that she had broken up with actor Lee Minho. Since her breakup with the handsome actor, Suzy has never talked about the breakup to reporters because she didn't have a chance to do so and she didn't need to. And since Miss A was officially disbanded in December, 2017, Suzy has never talked about it to reporters because, yeah, she didn't have a chance to do so and she didn't need to.

However, during her comeback showcase, Suzy had to have a Q&A session with reporters. And it's true some reporters looked forward to hearing something from Suzy about her recent issues because they've never heard something from the k-pop star about the issues.

That's why Suzy was so careful and tried to protect herself during her showcase. She looked nervous, and it was not just because she made a comeback as a solo singer after a long hiatus. She was nervous because some reporters wanted to hear something from her about her recent issues.

So, when Suzy was asked how she feels about the breakup of Miss A, she answered "It's a new challenge for me to release my solo album, and that's why I'm trying to be strong minded. I'm sorry I can't tell you details about the breakup of Miss A, but I hope all the members will do great".

And when she was asked to explain her new album "Faces of Love", she just said "I've sung love songs since I was very young, and I think I can now sing love songs better because I'm getting older and my emotions are getting deeper". Reporters wanted her to explain each track of her new album, but her answer was not a satisfactory answer. Just before wrapping up the showcase, Suzy had to apologize to reporters, saying "I'm sorry I couldn't give you satisfactory answers. And after the showcase, some reporters criticized Suzy, saying "It doesn't make sense that Suzy can't even explain her new songs. She's an unqualified musician".

Well, what do you think? Do you think Suzy couldn't explain her new songs because she's an unqualified musician? No.

When she was asked to explain her new songs, she couldn't give a clear answer to reporters because she knew the reporters would ask about Lee Minho after the question. You know, Suzy's new album "Faces of Love" includes various songs about love, and Suzy wrote lyrics of 3 out of 7 songs, which means the lyrics might be based on her own experiences. If Suzy had not broken up with Lee Minho, it would have been ok for her to mention the actor's name or talk about her dating. However, she's already broken up with him, and it could be bad manners to mention her ex-boyfriend's name in public.

Personally I think Suzy should have handled the situation more tactfully because she's an experienced idol star, who has been in the k-pop world for a long time, but I can understand how she felt during her comeback showcase. She must have felt uneasy and confused. You know, she held the event to promote her new solo album, but she couldn't give a detailed explanation of the album because of reporters' big interest in her private life.

Anyway, even though some narrow-minded reporters are still blaming Suzy for not giving clear answers about her new album, she's doing good on music charts. As I said, the talented idol star certainly showed her potential as a singer songwriter through her new solo album, and I hope she will grow as a better musician.


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