The reason why Yoona was chosen as the new worker of "Hyori's Guesthouse"

It was good news for Yoona's fans. The female idol star will make an appearance on JTBC's "Hyori's Guesthouse" as a regular. You know, IU, one of the most popular female k-pop stars worked for the guesthouse in the first season of the program, and much attention has been focused on her replacement. And yeah, Yoona has been chosen as the new worker of the guesthouse.

By the way, do you know why the production crew of "Hyori's Guesthouse" chose Yoona as the new worker of the guesthouse? Of course, she is a pretty idol star who is loved by so many people, but that's not all. Check out what the producer of "Hyori's Guesthouse" talked about her appearance in the program.

There were numerous celebrities who really wanted to appear in the program. However, we wanted to choose one who has something common with Lee Hyori. She was a member of a legendary girl group Fin.K.L, and the fact reminded us of Yoona, a member of Girls' Generation. We thought there must be common ground between Yoona and Lee Hyori because Yoona is a core member of a 10th-year girl group. You know, in the first season of the program, IU and Lee Hyori could become intimate easily by sharing their thoughts as famous solo artists. When we asked Yoona to appear in the program, she readily accepted our proposal, saying she likes and respects Lee Hyori. Soon after that, she flew to Jeju Island.

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