Chungha feels honored to make a comeback around the same time as Suzy, Sunmi and more

Q. You made a comeback with your new song "Roller Coaster". How do you feel?
Chungha: I'm excited, nervous and frightened. It's my first song in 6 months, and I've been looking forward to my comeback. It's the moment I've been really waiting for.

Q. Tell me about your new song "Roller Coaster".
Chungha: It's a song about first love. The song is written by Black Eyed Pilseung, and I heard that it's their first time to work with a female solo singer. They cared much about me, and they gave me good advice too. They said my efforts will some day come to fruition. Thanks to the great song writers, I can comeback with a great song.

Q. Lots of popular female solo singer including Suzy, Sunmi and BoA will released their new albums soon too.
Chungha: It's an honor to make a comeback around the same time as the great singers. I want to learn a lot from them.

Q. You were a member of I.O.I but officially debuted as a solo singer.
Chungha: Yeah, actually, I've never thought of making a debut as a solo singer. It was a miracle that I became a part of I.O.I, and I was very surprised when I heard that I would make a debut as a solo singer because I thought I was lacking in many things. I've been trying hard, communicating with my agency.

Q. So, as a solo singer, who is your role model?
Chungha: All the great female solo singers including Lee Hyori, Yhm Jung Hwa, Sunmi and BoA are my role models. I respect them. Especially, the first music album I bought was BoA's. I'm really looking forward to her comeback.

Q. You were loved by so many people last year.
Chungha: It was a very special year, and I'm thankful for everything. I released my album, I became an MC of a TV show, and I worked as a DJ too. Everything was fresh to me. In 2018, I hope to do more things.

Q. What's your goal?
Chungha: Of course, it's important to get a good result on music charts, but what's most important is health. My female dancers have hurt their knees during practice, and I hope all of them will stay healthy.

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