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BIGBANG's TOP to work as a public service worker at the Yongsan Craft Museum

BIGBANG's TOP is going to do his military service as a public service worker at the Yongsan Craft Museum.

On January 26, the idol star, who had been charged with smoking marijuana and was given a 10-month jail sentence suspended for two years at his final trial, showed up at the Yongsan-gu Office. With his face covered with a mask and a woolen hat, he didn't say anything to reporters, who were waiting for him.

You know, he was serving as a conscripted policeman before being charged with smoking marijuana, but after the incident, the police judged that he's unfit for a conscripted policeman, considering his health and public opinion. He'd served as a conscripted policeman for 117 days, and he has to serve 520 more days as a public service worker.

After arriving at the Yongsan-gu Office, TOP had a meeting with the one who is in charge of the Safety and Disaster department. They didn't use the department's office room to avoid reporters' eyes, and as the result of the meeting, it is decided that TOP will work as a public service worker at the Yongsan Craft Museum.

The Yongsan Craft Museum will open on February 8. It is a museum about Korean traditional crafts, and the museum will have various facilities such as showrooms, craft stores, experience centers and outdoor theater. Yongsan-gu invested greatly in the museum, and of course, people who work for Yongsan-gu are now expecting the museum will be a hot place.

Well, there could be various reasons why Yongsan-gu decided to make TOP work at the Yongsan Craft Museum, but it seems certain that Yongsan-gu hopes the famous idol star will help make the new museum popular.


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