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A dialogue between IU and Son Suk Hee in 2011

On January 17, IU made an appearance in JTBC's "News Room". Only top class stars can be invited to the news program, and as the winner of the grand prize of Golden Disk Awards, IU appeared in the program and had an interview with Son Suk Hee, the most famous and influential news anchor in Korea.

As always, the thoughtful young female singer spoke out her thoughts in an organized manner. She talked about her music, life, and Jonghyun, one of her best friends who died in December, 2017.

By the way, during the interview, Son Suk Hee said "When I met you for the first time 6 years ago, you really tried to be cheerful even though you looked very tired. You tried to hide your tiredness. That's why I felt sorry for you. But today I'm relieved because it seems you've become more mature".

Well, as Son Suk Hee said, it was not the first time that IU has been interviewed by the news anchor. In December 2011, IU appeared in "Son Suk Hee's Focus On" and had an interview with him. She was not a super star at the time but had a pleasant conversation with the famous anchor.

Check out the dialogue between IU and Son Suk Hee.

Son Suk Hee: I'm your "big father fan", not an "uncle fan". I'm sorry, but how old is your father?
IU: He was born in 1968.
Son Suk Hee: He's 12 years younger than me.
IU: Haha, so it's even hard to say that I'm about your daughter's age.
Son Suk Hee: Let's just say you're about my daughter's age.
IU: Hahaha.
Son Suk Hee: That's why I said I'm your "big father fan".
IU: Yeah, you're really a "big father". If you don’t mind my saying...
Son Suk Hee: Go ahead.
IU: You really look young.
Son Suk Hee: A 19-year-old girl said I look very young. I feel great, haha.

While talking about the time when she debuted, IU mentioned her first song "Lost Child". On the news show, Son Suk Hee listened to the song for the first time.

Son Suk Hee: Many fans may not know this song. Please introduce the song.
IU: Yeah, the song is very dark and magnificent.
Son Suk Hee: You said this song was not that popular.
IU: The song is really dark. You can hear the sound of the strings.
Son Suk Hee: Yeah, right.
IU: It's a great song, but I think the song would have been very popular if more popular singer had sung it.
Son Suk Hee: I like this song.
IU: You listened to the song only for 10 seconds, haha.
Son Suk Hee: No, I'm not just saying it. I love the intro of the song.

During the interview, IU also talked about why she had decided not to enter college and how she had done as a k-pop trainee. And when she was asked if she'd ever thought of having another job, she answered "I've thought that I might be talented in other things", saying as follows.

It could be drawing, cooking, or exercise. I had such a thought, out of nowhere. I'm 19 years old, and I'm happy that I discovered my talents in a very early age, but at the same time, I feel so sad. You know, I have a long life to live, and I think it's unfair because I've already discovered all I have. So, I wanted to look for a new job, but my fans didn't like it. They said I only have to sing, haha.

And about what IU said, Son Suk Hee said as follows.

I understand your fans want you to sing for a long time. But, as an old man, I can sympathize with your emotions. That's why I hope you will find a much better job later. Maybe in the distant future. It could be acting or another thing.

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  1. Thanks for translating some of this. It's so interesting and much appreciated! It's quite peculiar how he was able to pick out that she was faking her liveliness to hide her fatigue (he said in latest interview) or as iu has said in other interviews to cover up her shyness. And how he also indicated that her obsession with peace and tranquility might be a reason for her insomnia. He seems to be very good at seeing past the obvious. Anyway, very interesting and thanks once again for translating something from so long ago!


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