PD of "Idol School Trip" says Yang Hyun Suk treats iKON like his youngest son and WINNER like his eldest son

On November 1, a press conference for JTBC's new program "Idol School Trip" was held in Seoul. In the program, iKON members, who have never had a school trip take a trip to Jeju Island. The 7 members attended the press conference, of course, and they gave their thoughts on their appearance in the program. B.I said "Through the new experience, I could learn more about myself. It gave me unforgettable memories", while Koo Junhoe added, "I laughed a lot there, and impressions from the trip still linger in my mind".

Then, are you curious to know why the producer of the program cast iKON members? Check out what the producer talked about it at the press conference.

When I had an interview with iKON members before starting filming the program, they said they don't have any special memories of their school days because they became trainees when they were very young and they even don't have any celebrity friends. I was sorry to hear that they don't have hobbies and they've never taken a trip. I had interviews with other YG artists including WINNER, but iKON was the most desperate, and that's why I cast the team. I'm sure they will become great TV entertainers. And actually, Yang Hyun Suk is very attached to iKON. He told me that iKON is like the youngest son to him and WINNER is like the eldest son to him.

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