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TVXQ's Yunho has heard his girlfriend saying "You don't know everything about women"

On October 30, a press conference for TVXQ Yunho's new drama "Meloholic" was held in Seoul. It's the idol star's first ever drama appearance since he was discharged from the army last April, and as the leading actor of the drama, he attended the press conference and gave his thoughts on his appearance in the drama. The drama is about a psychic who is not very good at dating.

So, check out what Yunho said at the press conference.

When I went to the open set of the drama for the first time, I felt a little bit awkward because it has been a long time since I filmed a drama. However, I became intimate with the other actors in a short time, and they really helped me fit in. When I read the script of the drama for the first time, I thought it could be a challenge for me, but I wanted to make an appearance in the drama because I liked the innocent character. The character is really attractive, and actually, I'm a kind of nerd just like the character. Like my character in the drama, I sometimes try to give my girlfriend all I have and sometimes is pained by my girlfriend. And just like the character, I've heard my girlfriend saying, "You don't know everything about women", haha. I want to show the real me by playing the character.

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