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Lee Seung Gi says he could overcome his limitations by performing duties in the special forces

Lee Seung Gi has been doing his military service since he joined the army in February 2016. He is in the special forces, and the faithful and brave male k-pop star is doing good. According to people around him, he gets along well with his colleagues, and he's performing his duties well. Do you miss him?

Well, Lee Seung Gi, who will be discharged from the army soon recently gave an interview to a military magazine HIM and talked about his future plans. Check out what he said.

Q. What was it like to do your military service in the special forces?
Lee Seung Gi: As the special forces go on special missions and there are few entertainers who have enlisted in the special forces, I heard that the corps headquarters have grappled to decide what kind of duty I have to do. They said I need to do what the public want me to do, and of course, I began from the bottom of the ladder.

Q. What did you gain from your military life?
Lee Seung Gi: I've grown up, in a word. I could overcome my limitations by performing my duties in the special forces. I got a chance to receive real training, and I was placed in an extreme situation while I was trained. I've become stronger, and I feel like I can do anything now.

Q. Tell me about your future plans.
Lee Seung Gi: I'll work in various fields of activity, but nothing is confirmed yet. I'm still in the army, and my priority is to fulfill my military duty. It's true I'm receiving love calls from various people, though.

Q. You'll make a comeback soon, anyway. Don't you feel pressure about it?
Lee Seung Gi: No, I don't feel pressure. However, I'm a little bit worried because I've got too used to my military life. I raise my hand in salute when I meet someone, and I'm used to using military words. I think I will have to try to adjust my new life later.

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