IU and Kang Haneul already knew there have been rumors that they are dating

IU and famous actor Kang Haneul was embroiled in a dating scandal on September 11. Kang Haneul, who joined the army on the day met the female k-pop star a day ago and had a good time with her. Actually, it could mean a lot that Kang Haneul met IU just before his enlistment because most of Korean young males spend time with their girlfriends before joining the army.

However, of course, both of the stars' agencies denied their romantic relationship, stating "They're just close friends. When they met, lots of staff members of "Moon Lovers : Scarlet Heart Ryeo" were with them".

You know, IU and Kang Haneul appeared together in their drama "Moon Lovers : Scarlet Heart Ryeo" in 2016. After then, yeah, they became best friends and they have been maintaining a very close relationship. And it's true that there have been rumors that the two Korean stars are dating. However, as both of the stars' agencies announced, they're not dating. They're just close friends.

By the way, the funny thing is, both IU and Kang Haneul already knew there have been rumors that they are dating. But they haven't said anything about it because, yeah, they didn't have to and the rumors were not true. Kang Haneul just wanted to have a good time with the "Moon Lovers : Scarlet Heart Ryeo" team before his enlistment, and IU was one of them.

Actually, IU is Kang Haneul's one of two closest female celebrity friends. The rest one is actress Lee Som, who has filmed movie "Like for likes" with Kang Haneul. About a month ago, Kang Haneul gave an interview to various Korean media outlets and said "I hope no male entertainers will visit me after my enlistment. Males can never visit me, haha. Instead, I hope IU and Lee Som will visit me. They should come visit me because I want to show off my friendship with them to people in the army, haha".

Anyway, I hope their friendship will last forever and Kang Haneul will come back safely.

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