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The reason why Hoya decided to leave Infinite

Sad news for Inspirit. Hoya decided to leave Infinite. On August 30, Woollim Entertainment officially announced that the idol star didn't renew his contract with the agency.

You know, INFINITE was signed by Woollim Entertainment in 2010, and its 7-year contract with the agency has been terminated in June. 6 out of 7 INFINITE members have renewed their contracts right after the expiration of the contracts, but, yeah, Hoya decided not to renew his contract after much consideration.

Then, what do you think is the reason why Hoya decided to leave Infinite? You know, there seems to be no reason why he should leave the team because Infinite has been enjoying great popularity as one of the most famous k-pop idol groups, and the members and Woollim have been maintaining good relations.

Every idol singer feels anxiety about the future because they can't be active as idol singers for all of their lives. They have to retire someday. So, some of idols who are unsure about their future determine to quit their singing careers and try to find a new route. Some start their acting careers, while others strive to concentrate on their studies or start their own business.

So, basically, Hoya decided to leave Infinite because he wanted to find a new route as an actor. But that's not all. He has had intense aspirations to become a good actor, which means he didn't decide to leave Infinite just because he felt anxiety about the future. He is an ambitious person, and he made a tough choice to achieve his dream. Check out what he talked about his acting career.

I'm an ambitious person, and I've had many things which I want to do since I was very young. My dreams and interests have been always changing. By the way, I think I can achieve all the dreams by becoming an actor. When I act, I can experience a variety of different lives and I can do all the things I want to do.

Hoya certainly is a very talented idol. He dances well, and he's quite a good rapper too. That's why I'm so sad that he decided to leave Infinite. However, as I said, he has intense aspirations to become a good actor, and he made a tough choice to achieve his dream. I wish him every happiness.

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