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[Interview] JJ Project talk about their comeback in 5 years

Q. You made a comeback as JJ Project for the first time in 5 years. How do you feel?
JB: I'm really excited now. We've been hard at work on our new album, and I feel rewarded. We've been thinking about making a comeback as JJ Project, but we released the album earlier than expected.
Jinyoung: It really is meaningful for me to make a comeback as JJ Project after 5 years. And I feel really great about having completed our new album.

Q. What did the other GOT7 members tell you before your comeback?
Jinyoung: They worried about us. Especially, Mark said he will kick our asses if we don't do well, haha. Since we're representing GOT7, we'll do our best not to cause damage to the other members.
JB: I feel sorry for the other members because there are many talented members who can form sub units just like us. That's why we have to work harder.

Q. What does JJ Project mean to you?
JB: JJ Project means us. As JJ Project, we can express ourselves freely. On the other hand, we should be more strict with our music when we perform as members of GOT7.
Jinyoung: JJ Project means home to me. When I'm alone at home, I become very sensitive, and as JJ Project, I can express all my feelings. And I feel like I'm at a membership training when I'm with the other GOT7 members because I'm really happy to be with them.

Q. It's notable that Park Jin Young and you two co-wrote your title track "Tomorrow, Today". What was it like to collaborate with him?
Jinyoung: I felt so many things watching him. He absolutely made our song better, and I hope we will get another chance to collaborate with him.
JB: We tried to share many of our opinions because it is our album. At first, I was reluctant to express my opinion, but I gathered up my courage and did it. He sometimes seemed really angry, by the way, haha.

Q. Park Jin Young recently praised highly on you through his SNS, saying you're humble in your manner and you're always diligent.
Jinyoung: Well, I think he just saw good side of us. We're sometimes on the loose too. I thank him for his compliment.

Q. What kind of advice did Park Jin Young give to you when you were recording your new song?
JB: He said everyone agonizes to make a decision. And he wanted us to represent all the people who agonize over a decision.

Q. What was the hardest thing about preparing for your new album?
Jinyoung: JB's musical direction is a little bit different from mine. I like emotional music, but he likes R&B. So, he was worried if his musical style doesn't fit with our album, but I said he can do what he wants to do through his solo track.
JB: Yeah, I was worried about coordinating with many new people while working on the album, but I could quench my thirst through my solo track.

Q. Do you think you've changed a lot since 5 years ago?
JB: Jinyoung was like a very cheerful boy, but he has matured a great deal. And he became manly too.
Jinyoung: JB seemed to be in a hurry in the old days, but he looks so relaxed now.

Q. What's you goal?
JB: Regardless of the results, I'm really satisfied with the album. I'm confident it is a well-made album.
Jinyoung: Yeah, we're not eager to get good results on music charts. We just hoped to send out our messages through our music.

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