SHINee Minho's father hopes to become more famous than Minho

As you may know, SHINee Minho's father is a football manager. His name is Choi Yoon Gyum, and he's the current manager of Korean professional football club Gangwon FC. Minho often goes to Gangwon FC's game to support his father.

Gangwon FC is doing really great this season. The football club scouted top class players before the 2017 season and is currently one of the best teams in Korean professional football league. And yeah, it's also thanks to Minho's father, who is well known for his great leadership. Choi Yoon Gyum, who was not that famous when he was a football player is getting famous as a football manager.

By the way, it seems like the football manager has a high competitive spirit and wants to aim higher. Yeah, just like his son. He recently said that he wants to become more famous than his son, who is one of the most famous k-pop idols all over the world. Check out what he talked about it.

In the old days, all the people called Minho "Choi Yoon Gyum's son". But now, people call me "Minho's father". Do I want to become more famous than my son? As a father, no, I don't want to. However, as a competitor and a football manager, yes, I hope to become more famous than my son.

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