Red Velvet and BLACKPINK had a meal together for the first time (+Joy cried a lot while eating)

You know, there's some fierce competition among k-pop idol groups. There are so many k-pop idol groups, and they fiercely compete with each other to survive. However, they do not always just compete with each other. As colleagues and good friends, they care about and support each other too.

So, here are two girl groups who have recently become great friends. Those are Red Velvet and BLACKPINK. Yeah, two of the most popular k-pop girl groups! It's unusual for SM and YG idols to become each other's great friends, but Red Velvet and BLACKPINK could become intimate in a short period of time because they have something in common. You know, Red Velvet and BLACKPINK have been trained for a long time, while both of them are girl groups of big k-pop agencies. And both of them are the youngest idol groups of their agencies too.

By the way, according to Red Velvet on July 25, Red Velvet's Joy cried a lot while having a meal with BLACKPINK members. Check out what Joy talked about it.

Yesterday, we had a meal with BLACKPINK. It was our first time to meet the BLACKPINK members in a personal situation. By the way, when we were talking about our mothers, tears suddenly leaked out by themselves. I cried a lot. I thank Rose for listening to me with full attention, by the way. I was moved by her warm heart. I still can't talk to her in the familiar form because we just met once, but I really want to thank her.

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