PD of "New Journey to the West 4" says WINNER's Mino is not just a fool but a professional musician

WINNER's Mino is currently appearing in famous TV show "New Journey to the West 4", and he's doing really great in the program. He always does his best in the program, and he sometimes evokes laughter by acting in a foolish way too. But, there're more than meets the eye. According to the female producer who has filmed the program with Mino, he is not just a fool. Check out what she talked about Mino.

Mino is more than meets the eye. He never tries to act in a foolish way. He's just very innocent, and he has very expressive face. That's why he is so attractive. However, he's totally different when he works on his music. He's always sincere about music, and he's not a fool but a professional musician. He works really hard when he does what he is really interested in. The more I know about him, the more he is attractive.

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