PD of "New Journey to the West 4" says Kyuhyun had a great affection for the program

Super Junior's Kyuhyun joined the army last May, but you know, famous TV show "New Journey to the West 4" which stars the male idol is currently on air. The program should be a great present for those who are missing Kyuhyun.

By the way, a female producer who has filmed the third and fourth season of "New Journey to the West" is missing Kyuhyun very much too. Check out what she talked about Kyuhyun.

Kyuhyun is a little bit shy of strangers, and so am I. So, I couldn't become intimate with him when we met for the first time. I used the honorific even though he is younger than me. But, while having a journey together, I could feel how much he loves the program. He had a great affection for the program, and I could know what kind of attraction he has. That's why I was sorry to have to say goodbye to him. He really did his best for our program. People say Lee Seung Gi will replace Kyuhyun after finishing his army service in October, but I think it's not right to mention about it now because it could be rude to Kyuhyun. He's still appearing on the program, and we want to focus on the present.

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