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PD of "Knowing Bros" says EXO's D.O did the best job while filming the program

EXO has recently taken part in the recording of JTBC's popular show "Knowing Bros", and the episode will be broadcast soon. Are you looking forward to it? Well, which member do you think did the best job, then? According to the producer of "Knowing Bros", it was D.O. Check out what the producer talked about him.

EXO really enjoyed filming the program. It's their first appearance in a TV show in a long time, and they looked very excited. It was impressive that the members said they're big fans of the program. Unlike most of the other singers who just hope to promote their new songs through the program, they really enjoyed themselves. They laughed a lot whenever Lee Soogeun made jokes. All of them did great, but I think D.O did the best job. I think he is not the one who is fond of the limelight, but he absolutely stood out among all the EXO members.

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