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Actress Oh Yeonseo says she's a big fan of EXO Kai

No doubt, EXO is one of the most popular k-pop idol groups. The boy group has so many fans at home and abroad, while it seems like some of their fans really want to marry the handsome members.

By the way, here's a strong rival of EXO enthusiasts. She's actress Oh Yeonseo. The pretty actress is a big fan of EXO, and especially, she likes Kai the most. Oh Yeonseo was recently interviewed by Korean media outlets, and check out what she talked about her love toward EXO. (Her drama "My Sassy Girl" recently went off the air, and Korean actors are usually interviewed by media outlets right after finishing filming their dramas)
I got tickets for EXO's concert in 2015 and 2016, but I couldn't go to the concert because I was busy filming my dramas. But, this year, I could go to EXO's concert because it was my free day. I love EXO, and I love their music too. Especially, I'm a big fan of Kai. Kai acts too, and I don't know if I'll be able to act with him, but I want to be kind and nice if I meet him. I don't know what I can do for him, but I think I can buy him a cup of coffee. I'm an entertainer too, but I'm an actress, and when I see singers, I feel like I see real entertainers. And when they dance on the stage, I'm just fascinated by them because, you know, I debuted as a member of a girl group in 2002, and it was so hard for me to practice dancing.


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