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Reasons why SISTAR is irreplaceable

On May 23, SISTAR announced that they decided to disband the team. It certainly was a sad news for the girl group's fans. By the way, do you think other k-pop girl groups will be able to replace SISTAR? Well, there are so many girl groups these days, but, actually, people in the k-pop world are now saying SISTAR is irreplaceable. Do you know why?

The Trend of K-pop
So many rookie k-pop girl groups have debuted in recent years. But, as you may know, most of them are cute and lovely girl groups. Yeah, just like TWICE, Red Velvet and Lovelyz. There is a little different style of girl group who does hip hop music like BLACKPINK, but there are no sexy girl groups like SISTAR. Well, this is because of the change in k-pop trend. The biggest consumers of k-pop girl groups in Korea are male fans in their 20s and 30s, but they like cute girl groups better than sexy girl groups. What do you think it means? There is a strong presumption that there will be no sexy girl groups in the k-pop world for some time.

Singing & Dancing Ability
However, trend always changes. After the SISTAR members announced that they decided to disband the team, what do you think is happening in the k-pop world? Actually, some k-pop agencies started their "Sexy Girl Group Projects". Yeah, they want to produce new sexy girl groups who can replace SISTAR. Believe me, not a few sexy girl groups will debut a year or two later. But, the problem is that the SISTAR members are not only sexy but also very competent as singers. When I saw SISTAR for the first time in 2010, I was surprised because Hyolyn sang so great. Even though she was just a rookie, she was better than most of the other female idols. And of course, Soyou sang great too, and Bora's dance was impressive. And Dasom was really pretty. So, there will be many sexy girl groups but it will be really hard for them to surpass SISTAR's singing and dancing ability.

The Combination of Entirely Different Members
Why do you think SISTAR became so popular? Yeah, there are many reasons for it, but one reason is that the girl group is comprised of entirely different members. Especially, it's very notable that Hyolyn and Soyou, two talented vocalists who have totally different voices have been leading the team. You know, Hyolyn has very powerful voice, while Soyou has attractive and husky voice. It is unusual to include totally different two vocalists in one idol group, and SISTAR could be loved by so many fans because the group could carry out a variety concepts thanks to the combination of different members. There could be new idol singers who can sing as well as SISTAR, but it will be never easy to form a new girl group who is comprised of entirely different members like SISTAR.

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