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Reason why Choa wants to leave AOA

On June 22, AOA's Choa declared she will leave the team. She posted a long piece of writing on her SNS, stating "Since debut, I have been feeling like crying but I had to pretend that I'm happy. Such a thing happened again and again, and I found myself becoming ill. Under the agreement with FNC, I decided to leave AOA".

By the way, it seems like there was no agreement between Choa and FNC. On June 23, FNC announced "We respect Choa's opinion, but nothing is confirmed yet whether she will really leave AOA".

Well, why do you think Choa wants to leave AOA, then?

Choa has been very busy since her debut in 2012. She couldn't sleep well, and she had to manage a series of tight schedules. Of course, all the idols go through similar hardships, but it was so hard for Choa to endure it. (Choa is one of the hardest workers among k-pop idols)

In this situation, what made it harder for Choa to endure was that AOA couldn't have much success. AOA's popularity grew very sharply with "Miniskirt," "Short Hair," "Like a Cat," and "Heart Attack" in four consecutive hits, but the girl group's comeback in January 2017 was a failure. Both of the girl group's double title tracks, "Excuse me" and "Bing Bing" ranked very low on Korean online music charts, while it seemed like many of music fans were not interested in the songs at all. Actually, even though AOA has already become one of the most popular k-pop girl groups, the members couldn't make much money yet. Yeah, it's true Seolhyun appeared in a variety of commercial films, but her appearance fee is not very high, while she should share it with FNC Entertainment and the other 6 members.

So, Choa went into hiding to take some rest and escape from reality. She hasn't participated in any activities of AOA since last March. And Lee Sukjin, her boyfriend was by her side. Lee Sukjin is the CEO of Najin Industry and he is 5 years older than Choa. He is very rich, and he gave much support and comfort to Choa as a big fan of AOA and her boyfriend when she was having a hard time.

But, the problem is that Choa doesn't feel better even after taking some rest. She is not motivated to sing on the stage, and she feels no necessity to be active as a member of AOA. Did Choa decide to leave AOA just because of her boyfriend? No. However, one thing is certain that her boyfriend and family are more important to her than AOA for now.

And actually, the bigger problem is that the relationship between Choa and the other AOA members has worsened. When Choa went into hiding and didn't participate in any activities of AOA without any consultation with the other members, the members tried to understand her. However, she didn't return, and the members had a hard time due to her. They had to rerecord their songs and they had to modify their choreography too because they had to perform their songs without Choa. If Choa changes her mind and decides to return to AOA, she has to apologize to the other members and make up with them, but it seems like it will not be easy to recover their relationship.

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