Lim Siwan says Girls' Generation's Yoona is not only beautiful but also warm-hearted

Lim Siwan and Girls' Generation's Yoona are currently filming their new drama "The Kings Love". They've started filming the drama in January, 2017, and it's almost done. The drama will begin to air in July.

Well, then, are you curious about how close the two famous idol stars are? They were not that intimate before appearing in "The King Loves" together, but they became quite intimate now. Especially, as a junior k-pop singer, Lim Siwan has an affection for Yoona, and that is one reason why they could become close in a short time.

Check out what Lim Siwan recently talked about Yoona.

The biggest reason why I decided to appear in "The King Loves" was that Yoona is the leading actress of the drama. When both of us were active as singers, I just had a nodding acquaintance with her. However, after acting with her together, I got to know that she is not only beautiful but also warm-hearted.

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