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Kim Chungha has never thought about competing with the other I.O.I members

On June 7, I.O.I's Kimg Chungha debuted as a solo singer. She released her solo album and held a debut showcase on the day. Check out what she talked about her first ever album and I.O.I.

Q. You finally debuted as a solo singer. How do you feel?
Chungha: Actually, I'm very nervous now. I haven't been sleeping well recently.

Q. Tell me about your debut album.
Chungha: The album is titled "Hands On Me" and it has various meanings such as "Hold my hand" and "Put your hands up". I feel warm when I hear the word "Hand".

Q. What do you want to show through your solo album?
Chungha: I tried to include a variety of different songs in the album. "Week" which was prereleased a month ago is included in the album, while the album has a ballad track too. And the title track is "Why don't you know". Nucksal is featured as a rapper in the song, and he did a perfect job.

Q. Don't you feel pressured because you have to perform on the stage without the other I.O.I members?
Chungha: Yeah, as I'm a solo singer, I have to do all the things by myself. I know I have to improve my ability, and it's true I feel fear.

Q. Tell me about the choreography for your title track.
Chungha: The highlight dance is "Butt Janggu(Korean drum) Dance". I had to modify the choreography many times because it didn't fit with the song at first.

Q. Yoo Yeonjung will make a comeback as a member of WJSN soon too. Do you feel a sense of rivalry with the other I.O.I members?
Chungha: No, I've never thought about competing with them. We went through hard times together. Before I released my solo album, they supported me a lot, and I'll support them too.

Q. What does I.O.I mean to you?
Chungha: I could grow up because of I.O.I. I.O.I raised me.

Q. What's your goal?
Chungha: My goal is to make people aware of me. I.O.I was a very special group, and I could walk on a special path thanks to I.O.I. I think I just took my first step to walk the path again.

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