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GD copied Kyle's "iSpy"? Korean media outlets are still busy attacking him groundlessly

On June 30, a Korean media outlet reported that there is a plagiarism controversy over G-Dragon's song "Middle Fingers-Up" which is included in his recent album. According to the report, many netizens are doubting the originality of the song, while it seems like GD copied Kyle's "iSpy"(feat. Lil Yachty). The media outlet also insisted that the two songs have same codes and it seems to be a fact that GD and the other 2 co-composers copied the melody line of "iSpy".

Well, listen to the songs first.

Do you think the two songs are similar? No, not at all. I'm not a composer but I've been working as a k-pop journalist for years. No, the songs are not similar, and GD never copied the song.

Actually, the Korean media outlet which reported about the plagiarism controversy for the first time is Sports World. Do you know Kim Yongho? He is a journalist who was accused by YG Entertainment of spreading false information. Not all the information spread by him was false, but, yeah, he's still in a bad relationship with YG. And Kim Yongho belongs to Sports World. Yeah, now you know what's happening?

As I said before, YG has a lot of enemies in the Korean entertainment world. Especially, Korean media outlets hate the k-pop agency because it usually never makes an official announcement about its artists' love scandals, while Yang Hyun Suk gives an interview to only very few media outlets. That's why they attacked GD very harshly when GD released his album as an USB, not as a CD. And yeah, Sports World is one of the enemies of YG, and it seems like Korean media outlets are still busy attacking GD groundlessly because they think it's a great chance to strike a blow to YG.

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