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TWICE says Park Jin Young cared about every single thing about SIGNAL performance

Q. You made a comeback with your new song "Signal". How do you feel?
Jihyo: I'm very happy that we made a comeback so early after releasing "Knock Knock" 3 months ago. Hope you enjoy the song.
Nayeon: As we tried new concept, we prepared a lot for the album. You know, we've shown cute and lovely performance on the stage, but this time, we'll show more powerful performance. Even though it's not easy to show powerful performance on the stage, I'm so excited now because we got a chance to show a different side of ourselves.

Q. It's notable that Park Jin Young took part in writing your title track for the first time.
Jihyo: Well, it was fun to work with him. He bought us a meal, and he made us comfortable too.
Sana: Yeah, we shared ideas about our choreography too.
Dahyun: He cared about every single thing about our performance.

Q. So, tell me about your choreography.
Jihyo: As we wear school uniforms on the stage, we wanted to send some lovely signals. You'll be able to see a lot of hearts.

Q. You know, you've been on a roll since your debut. You have many hit songs such as "Cheer up", "TT" and "Knock Knock", while you are considered as the most popular young girl group. What do you want to achieve through your comeback?
Jihyo: Well, I don't aim to achieve something. I'm just happy that we worked with Park Jin Young for the first time, and I hope many fans will really enjoy our powerful performance.
Nayeon: It's true we're pressured to meet with good results, but I want to say it's really meaningful for us to sing Park Jin Young's song. I'm so thankful for his support and I will try to show a different side of ourselves, rather than worry about the result.

Q. Chaeyoung, you took part in writing "Eye Eye Eyez".
Chaeyoung: Yeah, I was surprised because my lyrics were accepted by JYP at once. I tried to write stories about a cute girl who just began to know about her first love.

Q. You're quite popular in Japan too. Are you planning to make an official debut in the country?
Sana: We've recently been to Japan, and it was impressing that so many Japanese fans recognized us even though we didn't make an official debut in the country yet. I'm looking forward to meeting Japanese fans again.

Q. Do you realize your popularity?
Nayeon: We don't go out much, but we can hear our songs in the street whenever we go out. Before debut, I could just imagine such a thing. Our dream has finally come true.

Q. Why do you think you became so successful?
Chaeyoung: All of us like to play pranks, and we're very energetic on the stage. I think the important thing is being natural. Each member gives off their charms on the stage, and our fans seem to like our lovely charm.
Nayeon: I know our fans are curious about our daily life, and that's why we've been trying to communicate with them through various medias such as V-app and SNS. I think our fans feel familiar with us.

Q. Would you like to say anything to your fans?
Jihyo: We know so many fans are supporting us, and we'll try hard to live up to their expectations. Thank you.

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