Lee Hyori to appear in Infinite Challenge

Lee Hyori will appear in MBC's "Infinite Challenge".

According to the officials, it has recently been confirmed that the sexy queen will appear in the popular TV show. It has been 3 years since she made appearance in the show. You know, at that time, she sang and danced to Fin.K.L's song at her home in Jejudo and provoked laughter by telling Yoo Jae Suk "I want to go to Seoul".

Actually, Lee Hyori originally planned to appear in the program's "History X Hip Hop" episodes, but she couldn't due to her tight schedule.

Lee Hyori's shooting schedule for "Infinite Challenge" is not confirmed yet, but the subject of the episode is confirmed. Famous choreographer Kim Seoljin will appear in the episode with Lee Hyori, and he will teach the Infinite Challenge members and Lee Hyori some dance moves. Kim Seoljin is the MVP of Mnet's "Dancing 9" aired in 2014.

Meanwhile, Lee Hyori is currently preparing for her comeback as a solo singer.

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