Kim Soohyun's new movie "Real" will be released at the end of June

Kim Soohyun's new movie will be released soon.

According to Korea Media Rating Board on May 15, the actors' new movie "Real" is in the process of being rated, which means it is ready to be released. As the movie contains tough action scenes and Sulli's erotic bed scene, the movie is expected to be X-rated.

Kim Soohyun has completed filming for the movie in June 2016, but CJ E&M, the distributor of the movie has moved the release date back due to a worsening in relations between Korea and China. Alibaba Pictures, the biggest Chinese film producing company invested big money in the movie.

According to CJ E&M, they recently decided to release "Real" at the end of June, and they'll hold a press event for the movie soon too.