"IU Scholarship" of Dongduk Girls' High School

IU, who is more than just a pretty face has been donating to DongDuk girls' high school, her alma mater since 2013. From 2013-2015, she's donated 10 million won to the school each year, and she donated 20 million won in 2016 and 25 million won in 2017 to support graduates' college tuition fees. Actually, "IU scholarship" has been officially founded in the school, while it is unusual for k-pop stars to donate steadily to their old schools. According to the school's teachers, IU was a student who was always humble and polite even though she was very busy as a popular singer.

So, the photo below is DongDuk girls' high school's official brochure. The school has a total of 8 scholarships, while "IU scholarship" is one of them. Detailed information about the scholarship is as follows.

Scholarship: IU(Lee Jieun) Scholarship
Payments: College tuition fee (Full amount)
Time of Payments: February
Institution: Lee Jieun
Selection Criteria: Among graduates whose home situation is not good
Note: 4 students will be selected in accordance with teachers' recommendations.