Kpop Secret (Full Edition) is released!

<Kpop Secret> (Full Edition) Amazon(Paperback): Amazon: iTunes: Kobo: -Unknown stories about kpop stars such as BTS, EXO, BIGBANG, TWICE, BLACKPINK and more -Korean stars' real personality -With whom and how they date -How much they earn Aren’t you curious about k-pop stars’ real personality? Aren’t you curious about unknown stories about them? Here’s what you’ve been waiting for! Kpop Secret is released! Welcome to the real world of k-pop. We tried to include all the secret stories about Korean entertainment industry in Kpop Secret. We want to share all the stories behind k-pop stars with fans all over the world.

[Exclusive] JYP to move to a new building near the Olympic Park in Seoul within this year

JYP is moving to a new building.

According to the officials, JYP has confirmed that it will move to a building near the Olympic Park in Seoul. JYP is currently using 5 buildings located in Cheongdam-dong, but those are rented buildings. It has been a dream for Park Jin Young to move to a new building, and he decided to buy buildings near the Olympic Park to get JYP family together.

The reason why JYP decided to move to a building near the Olympic Park is that real estate price of the areas is relatively cheap in the Gangnam area, while various k-pop concert halls such as Gymnastics Stadium, Olympic Hall and SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium are located on nearby it.

Actually, JYP has been planning to move to a new building, but it couldn't move due to money problems. However, JYP has earned a lot of money thanks to TWICE's huge success, and the price of JYP stock also went up high after the girl group's success. JYP's first-quarter profit of this year was 3.8 billion won, up 442% from the year-ago period. Yeah, in a word, JYP can move to a new building thanks to TWICE.

<K-pop Secret Vol.3: How and with whom Idols Date>
K-pop Secret Vol.3 contains all the stories about k-pop idols’ date. The author, who has been working as a k-pop journalist since 2010 gives you answers to some questions about k-pop idols’ date such as “With whom they date?” “Why k-pop idols break up so soon?” and “How much dating experience do they have?”

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