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The GFriend members say they and TWICE are good friends

Q. You made a successful comeback with your new song "Fingertip" by topping a variety of music charts. How do you feel?
Sowon: When we were preparing for the album, we were half filled with anticipation and half filled with uneasiness because the album is based on a new concept that we have never tried. I thank our fans for their great support and interest.
Umji: The fact that we tried a new thing is very significant for us, and we tried not to
care about charts.

Q. Is there any reason why you decided to try a new concept?
SinB: I and Umji graduated from high school this year, and we are adults now. In that sense, it was a suitable time for us to change our concept.

Q. So, how do you like your new concept?
SinB: As we wanted to show a variety of aspects of ourselves, we decided to take off our school uniforms. I think we will be able to give off our chic charm. I love it.
Sowon: We still have many things to show, and we'll try various new concepts.

Q. Aren't you worried if your new concept would be too unfamiliar to your fans?
Sowon: If we thought the concept didn't suit us, we wouldn't release the album. I don't know how people think of the album, but we released the album because we're good and ready. We have no regrets, and we'll try to show great performance.

Q. Fans say Umji looks prettier than ever.
Umji: I feel great about it. I'm twenty years old now, and I think I became more mature than I used to be.

Q. Then, which member do you think became noticeably prettier compared to when you debuted?
Sowon: It's Eunha. She looks great with short hair. And she lost her baby fat too.
Eunha: Thank you. I'm so happy now.
Sowon: It doesn't mean you are the prettiest among us, though, haha. It means you became prettier.
Yerin: I hope Eunha will not change her hair style for 3 years.

Q. Are you confident to win no.1 trophies of music chart shows?
Sowon: Of course, we would be pleased to win no.1 trophies. However, our goal is to receive a favorable evaluation about our performance. We'll do our best.

Q. People say you and TWICE are rivals, and TWICE made a comeback about two weeks ago. Do you have a sense of rivalry with the girl group?
Yerin: We're close with them, and I'm just happy that we made a comeback around the same time. I love their new song.
Sowon: We are good friends, and we contact each other often. And whenever we release new songs, we support each other.

Q. Some people are worried if you forget your first time because you became so popular in a short time.
Umji: We don't take our popularity for granted. We still appreciate the little things, and we will not forget our first time.
Sowon: I still can't believe we're loved by so many people. We never expected to gain such a popularity because we're a girl group of a small agency. And during our break, we never dress up. We don't wear masks or caps. Nothing has changed since we were trainees.
Yerin: I know nothing has been obtained easily. We'll never forget our first time.

Q. Some people say you were just lucky because you could receive great attention from many people when the video clip of you falling down on the stage again and again has become an online sensation.
Sowon: It's true we could receive attention from many people because of the video clip, but before then, Yerin did great at "Running Man."
Umji: I think people like us not because we fell down on the stage but because we picked ourselves up and continued to perform.
Yuju: The memory always brings tears to my eyes. I didn't feel any pain when I fell down, and I think it was my duty to pick myself up and continue to sing.

Q. What do you want to achieve through your comeback?
Umji: I hope that our members could perform without getting hurt.
Sowon: We made a comeback after a long break. As we've prepared a lot for our new album, I hope to get a lot of support from our fans.

Q. Do you have any plans for your individual projects?
Sowon: As it has been only 2 years since we debuted, the president of our agency wanted us to focus on our group activities. I think we will be able to get many chances to do our individual activities from now on. Personally, I want to act because I'm majoring in acting now.
Yuju: I'm writing songs these days even though I've never really learned to write songs. I want to compose GFriend's song some day.
Umji: I want to appear in various reality TV shows.
Yerin: I'd like to appear in a situation comedy if there is a chance.
SinB: I want to form a sub unit with the members, and I also want to appear in various reality TV shows such as "Family Outing" and "Invincible Youth" because I want to show show I am without exaggeration.
Eunha: I'm the lead vocal of GFriend, and I want to be featured as a singer in many albums. And I want to sing duets with other singers too.

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