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Why nobody knew Moon Heejun was dating Crayon Pop's Soyul

On November 24, Moon Heejun, a member of legendary kpop idol group H.O.T, announced that he's going to marry Crayon Pop's Soyul. It was absolutely a surprising news not only for kpop fans but also for all the people in the kpop world because nobody even didn't know Moon Heejun was dating the female idol who is 13 years younger than him.

Actually, people in the kpop world including journalists and writers usually can hear about somebody's dating rumor before it is reported. However, even people close to Moon Heejun - including the H.O.T members - never knew he was dating Soyul. Do you know why? Here's a reason for it.

Moon Heejun has had his heyday in the 90s as a member of H.O.T but the team was disbanded in 2001. After then, he debuted as a solo singer. Well, by the way, he received a great deal of criticism from people only because he does rock music. People made a mockery of him, saying, "He pretends to be a competent rock musician even though he is just a former member of an idol group who is deficient in his musical ability.

But, things turned around after Moon Heejun completed his military service. 

In Korea, all able-bodied men over 19 are required to serve in the military for 20 months. The constitution clearly states that every Korean citizen has the right, as well as the obligation, to serve in the military without any discrimination. Famous Kpop stars are no exception.
However, 20-month-long compulsory military service is an unavoidable source of trouble for Korea's young men since they must suspend their studies in colleges or quit jobs at the peak of their youth. Especially, for Kpop stars, who tend to have short careers, compulsory military service is exactly what they want to avoid. 

In this situation, Moon Heejun has completed his military service without any complaints. Besides, he didn't made any complaints during taking a fierce public criticism even though he had to live through such a hard time. That's why people began to feel good about him.

So, as Moon Heejun has experienced a dramatic change(super star→unlikeable rock singer→likeable entertainer), he began to be very careful about every single thing in his life. He realized that a very small thing can have a great effect on the ups and downs of his life, and he tried to keep everything about his private life secret. Of course, his girlfriend Soyul was influenced by him and she also tried to be cautious not to tell secrets.

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