EXO's D.O says he never contacts his ex-girlfriend

On October 31, EXO's D.O attended a press conference for his upcoming web drama "Positive Physique" held in Seoul. Check out what he talked about his drama, character and love.

Q. How do you like your new web drama?
D.O: I played Hwandong, who tries to be optimistic all the time even though he's placed in a difficult situation. As he is a college student, I could understand the mind of young people these days.

Q. It is notable that it's your first ever romantic comedy drama.
D.O: As it's the first time for me to appear in a romantic comedy drama, I was a little bit worried. However, the director and fellow actors helped me a lot so that I could enjoy filming the drama.

Q. It seems like your character is quite different from that of your previous dramas.
D.O: Yeah, through my previous dramas, I've usually played a dark character who has a wounded heart. So it certainly was a challenge for me to play such a happy and positive character. I think I will be able to show new aspects of myself through the web drama.

Q. How was the kissing scene in the drama?
D.O: It was really hard to film the kiss scene. I think I'm not good at it.

Q. Have you ever tried to contact your ex-girlfriend just like your character in the drama?
D.O: No, I'll never contact my ex-girlfriend. I want to make a clean finish.

Q. Xiumin's web drama "Falling for challenge" has gained 25 million views. Are you confident that you will break the record?
D.O: No, I think it will be never easy to break the record.