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[Police Announcement] Kpop girl group member is charged with being an accessory to sexual harassment

A 27-year old kpop girl group member was recently charged with being an accessory to sexual harassment.

According to police, the CEO of kpop agency attempted to molest a young trainee on April 7, 2016, and the the girl group member, who was on a bed in the nuddy persuaded the young girl to obey his words.

Police said, "The CEO was placed under arrest, but the girl group member was not because the courts judged that there is no cause for concern about her running away. The CEO has a previous conviction for sexually assaulting would-be singers."

As I specified, this is not a rumor but the official announcement of police. It absolutely is a shocking news, and you might be curious about who it is. Well, I can't tell the name yet, but she is not a top star.
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